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    The 4-letter game

    Loving Otter Very Energetic PEFG
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    The word association game

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    The word association game

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    The next step aka special recipe

    For years I have only made one recipe for our home soap. Even though I have it in my thoughts of possible selling down the road. I never ventured into special specific recipes seriously. Hubby and I both have acne issues even in our 50s. But he has a special ability of being a Dirt Magnet...
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    The word association game

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    Hi Everybody :)

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Deliberate bubbles?

    To get that you will have to beat air into it. Another suggestion is make bubble embeds.
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    Hazelnut base oil?

    Yes have done the Teas Tree. Just thought I would as a sf for a change. Got it on order as I only do 12 bars at a time so 1 lb of oil is enough for try out. Hubby is a grease magnet do to being a trucker. I have had acne since 12. I just think this might work for us right now. Otherwise I go...
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    Hazelnut base oil?

    Yea money not issue as we produce our own lard and tallow on farm. So I can spend a bit more on my liquid oils.
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    Hazelnut base oil?

    No I have not as I was looking at more astringent type oil.
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    Hazelnut base oil?

    I am looking to improve our acne soap for hubby and I. In doing a search for a new to me liquid base oil I came across Hazelnut oil as a very good possibility. My main base oils are lard,tallow and coconut with grapeseed +1 other that would be the hazelnut. Would like some experiences you have...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    What soapie thing I have done today. Come back signed in to TSM. I am redoing my base formula and want to read up on few oils I looking at using. Gonna up my game I think now as I only make circle soap with FO and no color. Now planning on playing with color since my base is our lard and tallow...
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    How many different oils do you use in your soap?

    You get the best benefit of each oil if you keep it simple. 3 to 5 oils will give you the best of the oils benefits. Less than 10% is worthless in skin benefit. You must remember soap is a wash off product and only stays on a few minutes at most.
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    Who are your favorite Soap Making Supply places/persons?

    I hope you are right. But email I got was she was closing business. I have another unrelated indie business that is going out too for family reasons. I got Kelly's email 2 months after other business so maybe I hope I read it wrong.
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    favorite FO supplier GOOB

    Soapalooza is going out of business. It's a shame as they were one of the best FOs suppilers as they had their made special for them. They used to be called way back Southern Soapers. The East coast best fo and FoEo mix supplier around. Great testing and information too. Guess I get to look for...