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    Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt Here is a video where they quickly transform a t-shirt into a tank top. No sewing involved. :)
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    Bubble bath recipe

    I love taking bubble baths and think it would be fun to start making my own customized bubble bath fragrances. Anyone have a recipe for a basic bubble bath that i can add various fragrance and essential oils too? Or is it easier to just buy a pre-made bubble bath base?
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    Oh cool! I'd never heard of that site before.
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    Essential oils

    What brand essential oils are best? I've seen so many out there and the prices are so different. I'm assuming the quality oils are more pure and therefore more expensive. Which brands/suppliers should i try? Which should i avoid? Thanks
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    Easter bunny eggsposed
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    Watch this

    Oh cool!
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    This or that?

    Wine and cheese Coke or pepsi?
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    The question game

    Anything in the mountains Favorite board game?
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    The word association game

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    So we've got the list of pet peeves going. . . .

    Steak and potatoes Root beer floats Cheese fries (All mine are food related. I MUST be hungry!!)
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    Warm weather

    My friends and I went up to Park City (in utah) for one last ski weekend before all the resorts closed, but ended up enjoying the warm weather so much we ended up spending most of the weekend by the pool and out shopping. Lovin' the warm weather for sure!!
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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone!!! Hope it was an enjoyable holiday for all. Anyone do anything fun?
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    I'm new here as well. Glad to see I'm not the only newbie!!
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    The soap recipe thread

    This one sounds delicious. I think once i get the hang of soap making a little more I'm going to try this one. For now i'm just sticking to the basics though.
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    How Do You Check the pH?

    I think you can just use test strips to monitor it's PH. I think it should be safe to use after 3 or 4 weeks though. I'm still new to the CP soap thing, and have only made 1 batch so far just the other day so I still haven't gotten to that point. My mom makes soap too though. I don't think...