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    How much oil in a bath bomb?

    I use the same amount of Polysorbate 80 as oil in my bath bombs. This allows all the oil to mix with the water. Without the polysorbate 80 the oil will sit on top of the water and make the tub slippery when getting out. It also helps bright colorants to mix with the water and no stain the tub.
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    Hello my Name is Michelle

    Howdy and Welcome
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    Soap Display Case

    Very Nice!
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    I think it would be an awesome idea for us to all share our Instagram names so we can follow each other. If there is already a thread about this , i didn't see it. Mine is @naturecoastbath
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    Bath Bomb ingredients

    Cream of tartar can be used in small amounts to help harden bath bombs as well. Also your shea butter could be hardening back up before you get your bombs formed. I like to split my oil weight up in 3 parts: 1 part shea butter, 1 part coconut oil, and one part sweet almond oil. This oil blend...
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    Some new soap pics

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    Who is your favourite YT soaper?

    Ophelia's soapery is relaxing to watch, just music and great soap making.
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    adding td to clear

    I just made a melt and pour project and needed white but only had clear. I mixed some TD with a teaspoon of melted coconut oil and added it it. Im not sure on the exact amounts, however the end result was lovely.
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    Who is your favourite YT soaper?

    I love the soaps that Katie makes on Royalty soaps , but like GML said the goofiness is tiring and overshadows the cute soaps. I really like Ariane in Quebec. The professional quality of Brambleberry's videos make them nice to watch. I would like to hear of some other good channels to check out.
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    Hearts for Valentine's Day

    Very Nice!
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    Bath Tea

    Thanks! I love your website by the way. Very nice. Being from north Florida I really appreciate all the southern charm. I get customers that say the same thing. Usually when people buy those items it's as a gift for someone else. When properly packaged salts and botanical items make gorgeous...
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    Bath Tea

    Yes i agree about having stuff floating in the tub! I like the look of it but not the clean up. I have some bath tea bags i purchased from whole supplies plus. I'll use those.
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    Heart melt and pour

    Love it!
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    Bath Tea

    I'm preparing to make a few different bath teas this week and i'm wondering if any of you have any favorite ingredients you like to use. I'm also wondering about how popular bath teas (either loose, or tea bags) have been for you all. Do you sell a lot or do you find people aren't that...