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    I hope she emailed me back soon. I really want to order from her.
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    Hi Paul, do you know that her FOs contain any phthalates? I am still waiting for her email. thx waiyi
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    Does OM&H have any almond scent??? Hmmm... I want to try warm vanilla sugar after you both rave about it. here is my wishlist: Aloe Cool Citrus Basil Green Tea & Willow Mango Passion Tea Sweet Pea Strawberry & Champagne have you tried any of the above?? thanks
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    I am thinking to order from them. What are your favorite Fos? thanks
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    Vanilla FOs

    I ordered their Vanilla Buttercream, I can't wait to try.
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    Shaving Soap

    I am going to make the shaving soap this week. Will keep u date.
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    Pics of my soaps with Red Palm Oil

    thank you. Do you use WSP Love Spell too?
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    What would happen if...

    thx soapmaker man It is such a brilliant idea. I can't wait to try it when I get my Vanilla Fo.
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    Pics of my soaps with Red Palm Oil

    I did a batch of soap with Red Palm Oil, I used 24% of Red Palm Oil, top with some Rose Buds and Petals, and scent with WSP Love Spell. I love the color, it is very pretty Orange. Next time I will scent the soaps with some citrus FO or EO blend. BTW, love the "Love Spell" FO. Here is...
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    What would happen if...

    hi tab, I am planning to blend my Lavender Eo and Vanilla Fo for my next batch. So u don't weight your fo and eo? I am thinking to use 0.5 oz Lavender and 1 oz Vanilla Fo for 2 lb batch. will it be ok? thanks
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    Coconut Milk?

    Hi Neil, I am thinking to coconut milk as half my liquid, (use aloe vera juice as the other half liquid and mix with lye) and add the coconut milk at trace, will it be ok? thx