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    • MrsVW
      MrsVW reacted to AliOop's post in the thread Hello! with Like Like.
      @MrsVW welcome! I don't live close to you at all, but am still considering driving over to um, help you. Because there's probably lots...
    • MrsVW
      MrsVW replied to the thread Hello!.
      Haha! Thank you! Hah! ;) Thank you!
    • MrsVW
      MrsVW reacted to KiwiMoose's post in the thread Hello! with Like Like.
      If I lived closer I woulda helped take some of that off yer hands!:D🤣 Welcome to the fold!
    • MrsVW
      MrsVW posted the thread Hello! in New Member Introductions.
      I’m extremely new to soaping, so far I’m only brave enough for melt and pour! However, I’ve gotten lucky and I’ve inherited a former...
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