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    Shampoo Bar - Thanks Lindy!!

    Thank you I just wanted to post that I made Genny's recipe. It is the first time I've ever used or made a shampoo bar and I am loving it. I have only used it twice so far and I can already tell that my hair likes it. My over 60 hair was quite coarse and this is making it much softer and...
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    Shampoo Bar - Thanks Lindy!!

    I made her bars with the exception of adding the sugar. But frankly I don't think it needed it. There is great lather. I've only used it once so far at 3 weeks just to try it.
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    Time to add some color and design

    I am just beginning to add some colorants and design into my soaps and wanted to get some input. Do you prefer micas or pigments or what and why? How do they compare in cold processed soaps? What suppliers do you use for these products? Thanks for any input you provide.
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    Regarding Soap Storage

    Where do you purchase the baseball storage boxes from?
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    Shampoo Bar - Thanks Lindy!!

    Genny, I just finished making your recipe for shampoo bars. Or should I say I almost made your recipe. As I finished I was making my notes and I realized I forgot the tbsp of sugar. What should I expect without this ingredient? Just less bubbles? I only made 1 lb which made 6 bars in a...
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    Newbie question and comment on "hand milled" term

    I'm so glad I found this discussion. I stayed at a hotel this past weekend that had French Milled Soap in the bathroom. I had not heard this term before so I had to research it. On the internet I found huge expensive machines used to mill soap, or I found youtube videos that showed rebatching...
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    Easiest Oil Lamp Ever

    Thanks for sharing your DIY project.
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    Shampoo Bar - Thanks Lindy!!

    Genny, I know what I'm going to do tomorrow. :idea: Do you have a suggested replacement for the soybean oil. I don't have that but if it's a must I will get some. It is so nice of you to share this with us. I've never made a shampoo bar before so I'm so excited to try this. Thank you!
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    Why is this Lye like jumping beans

    Thanks for the suggestions...Susie I read the post from the link you supplied...found that post interesting. I should have done a search before I posted this. Funny I did not have this happen with the Essencial Depot lye beads... It would have been nice if the vendor had put some sort of note...
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    Why is this Lye like jumping beans

    Previously I had bought my lye from Essential Depot and had no issues. I recently ran out and bought some from Bulk Apothocary since I was ordering other products from them. I am finding it very difficult to pour out of the quart container. It flies all over the place due to the static in it...
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    Soap calculator that creates list of ingredients

    Thank you....that's it. I use soapcal all the time. :-o I just couldn't remember where to click on the link. Thank you so much...I was going crazy trying to find it.
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    Soap calculator that creates list of ingredients

    Hello Everyone...Sometime ago I was searching the net and I found a soap recipe calculator that also created the ingredient list for you as a result of the recipe you entered. The problem is I can't remember where I saw this. Does anyone know what website offers this?
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    EO versus FO

    Thank you and the others for your reply....I appreciate the suggestion of mixing it with lavender..and having someone with your years of knowledge helping us newbies. So are there any advantages or disadvantages to gelling? Does the soap still last as long with either method? I will say I do...
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    EO versus FO

    I've only made 10 batches of soap, all goat's milk and have used FO in all. I love the smell of TeaTree and I bought some EO. Do you use the same amount as FO? I've read this is a strong EO so I'm looking for some guidence. Also, some of my soaps have gelled and others have not. Still figuring...
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    Palm Oil Substitute and SoapCalc

    This was a helpful discussion for me. I just went and looked at my recipes and they are in the 148 to 155 range so I will have to work to get them closer to 165. Thank you.