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    Milk vs water

    I love goat's milk soaps... It has been a year since I made some, but I used cold aloe juice with lye then added chilled goats milk to the mix. I found it helps with preventing milk from burning.
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    Anone make a dog soap or shampoo for allergic itchy dogs?

    I would be concerned with drying your dogs skin out with hand made soaps, especially if you end up using it frequently. On that note, I did make soap for my dogs (but mostly use Tropiclean no soap type shampoo for them now). It was mostly olive oil (with coconut, palm, etc). I use essential...
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    Can EO's be real when they are this cheap?

    I got the patchouli from WFmed and I don't use it. I also didn't like the Citronella because it was soo strong and gave me a massive headache before I figured out you only use VERY little of it. But I have bought his peppermint, lavendar, eucalyptus, sweet orange, and others and have been...
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    Liquid Soap anyone?

    I notice olive oil is used the most. If I recall, softer soaps lead to thicker liquid soaps. So having a lot of olive oil and very little coconut oil is good. When I made liquid soap they all included... 40-60% Olive Oil 10-15% Coconut Oil 10-22% Castor Oil The rest may have also...
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    Liquid Soap anyone?

    I have made liquid soap with KOH about a year ago. (I haven't done any soap making for a year and planning to get back to it.) When you make liquid soap, it won't have the same consistency as hand soap, shampoo, or body wash. So if you are thinking you will have something the same thickness...
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    Which essential oil pairings will/won't work in CP soap?

    I would also consider what EOs you like and don't like... Me, I love lemongrass and lavender. Then a little of sweet orange, eucalyptus, and tea tree. There are other EOs I like. I HATE Citronella (gave me a major headache and is very concentrated) and prefer to avoid some others for...
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    Old Lye?

    It has been almost a year since I have made soap. I still have lye sealed in a container since the end of October because I had to ship it when I moved. I have never opened it and the container is a plastic one sealed with electrical tape to ensure safety. Would this lye still be good...
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    For me it is liquid soap making weekend. I am having a kick making it. :lol:
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    I'll try that this week. Would 20% CO be okay? dare I try 15%?
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    Soapmaking Weekend--In Review.

    Hey Paul, don't you mean ship to Tab's DH? hehe I was lazy yesterday, but today decided to start off some experiments in LS. One is 100% CO and the other is 100% Light OL. The CO is now a paste and will be liquid tomorrow. The OL on the other hand I don't know what to make of it. I don't...
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    I love the way my current soap is, but find it drying over time in comparison to my shower gel I used to use. Now, it is not abnormal for me to get dry skin certain times of the year. Particularly the winter. My recipe is: 35% Olive Oil 25% Coconut Oil 20% Avocado Oil 10% Palm Oil 5%...
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    I followed the recipe...why so acidic on the PH tape?

    I have heard pH strips are not accurate. Maybe how you used it might change results? (Never used them myself so don't know.) To get accurate pH, use phenolphthalein. How acidic is your soap testing out to be?
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    I am taking the plunge...very soon

    My first batch of soap was about 10 oz of oils. Most of my batches are between 4-16 oz of oil, but it helps having a grams scale. Some measurements are so small that a little too much makes a whole lot of difference. I now have both a grams and ounce scale. What I did when I first used...
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    Some more liquid soap questions

    I am hoping some of you who have experience working with liquid soaps or who has some knowledge in liquid soaps can help me out with some questions. I noticed some liquid soaps have 30% or more coconut oil. Does this make the soap harsh just like bar soaps? Does it make liquid soaps less...
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    Cardboard box mold

    Haven't tried those things out, but did use a heat resistant plastic container for my first few batches. I later bought a 1-pound wooden mold. I lye it with cereal bags. Clean of course. I have used them maybe 5 times now and that one is still good. I tape it down. I learned the hard way...