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    Shop Soap Recipe

    As I was mixing up a batch of my new shop soap recipe, I realized that I hadn't ever shared any of my recipes here on the board. Sort of funny, considering that I'm always coming up with new ones. :) Anyway, here's a new shop soap recipe of mine: Oils 800g Coconut Oil (Virgin, USDA...
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    CP recipe question...

    For local sources of palm oil, try your local health-food store. Their prices won't be as good as if Wal-Mart were to carry it, but it can still be cheaper than shipping it in. Look for a tub of something labeled 'Vegetable Shortening'. If you're lucky, the ingredients will read '100% Palm...
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    Using PVC as a soap mold

    PVC works great for round soap molds. You'll want to make sure that the inside is clean and free of burrs so that you don't get a gouge down the side of your soap when you demold. PVC caps like you buy at Lowe's, HD, and the like are rounded, so unless you build a frame for the pipes to sit...
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    If we only went by the fatty acids in creation of 'sap numbers' then your concern would be 100% appropriate. As it is, the analysis of an oil's sap number is such that the unsaponifiables are taken into account. This is why, for example, Olive Oil (Pomace) has a different value than Olive Oil...
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    What is everyone "cooking" this weekend?

    I'm 'cooking' up a circuit for a new soap-mold idear I have :) One part Atmel microprocessor, two parts FR4 PCB board, a dash of thermistor, a measure of nichrome, one LCD display, some miscellaneous other 'ingredients'...and voila - new invention :) I'm also spending some quality time in...
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    Short answer: No :) Longer answer: Yes, but many don't consider it 'making' soap. It's called Melt & Pour. You basically melt down pre-made soap, add fragrance/colorings/et cetera, and mold. If the above appeals to you, give it a try. If you're more of a do-it-yourselfer than that...
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    Soap Party

    Here are a few off the top of my head... Game - Identify-the-Fragrance: Have each guest smell a selection of EO/FOs and score by how many they correctly identify. Harder than it sounds, believe it or not! You could make this an order of magnitude simpler by making it multiple-choice or...
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    Nifty Soap 'Gadget'

    I take it you're french then? :)
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    Nifty Soap 'Gadget'

    Er, yes... One might also say that the Hope Diamond is nothing more than a hunk of charcoal, or that a vintage recording of the Beatles is just a bunch of magnetized rust. Can't be any worse than a loose bar on a soap dish, with the advantage of not slipping out of a child's hand or being...
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    Nifty Soap 'Gadget'

    I may have to set my sister's soap mold aside in order to create one of these this weekend. They fit the very definition of 'Cool': ... /soap_hook
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    Work-in-Progress: Bar Mold

    Being the consummate do-it-yourselfer, I make all of my own molds. So far these have been produced out of silicone, polyester resin, or for simple log/slab molds - Lexan or polyethylene. My sister is starting to get into soaping and wanted a simple bar mold where she wouldn't have to go back...
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    making soap in small quantities

    Well, we can probably thank Wal-Mart's artificial-intelligence-based inventory and pricing systems for that :) Once the word got out to people about how cheap it was they probably noticed how quickly they were selling out. I know I'm now glad that I bought them out the last time I was in...
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    making soap in small quantities

    If you're OK with 70 degree coconut oil, one solution may be to buy it in smaller quantities at Wal-Mart. They brand they stock is very very inexpensive compared to every other source I've seen.
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    What Coloring to buy?

    A lot of people swear by the 'natural' colorants. These come primarily in powder form and include things like micas, oxides, and other plant-based colorants like alkanet root, red sandalwood, et cetera. If you want to stick with the plant-based colorants, you could try the following...
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    Containers are going to be tough because you may wind up paying as much or more for the packaging as you are the NaOH. For 2 lb. of NaOH you'll need about a 1000mL container. I didn't look all that hard, but the least expensive option I could find that would be suitable was this, at...