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    Spice Bottle HP soap Aftermath

    Looks awesome!
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    My Strawberry Soapcake Loaf :)

    That looks so freaking amazing!!! I want it! :p
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    CP fail plz help!

    So I made cp soap and after 24 hrs the soap was still soft ,I tested it by putting my tongue to it and I burned it bad. :( Anyways I let it sit another 2 days and today I saw small crystals forming on the top and lots of liquid on the bottom and a bit on top. What happened to it? Can I...
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    Making coffee soap ?'s

    Thank you guys so much :) Going to try to make it this weekend :)
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    A guy's way of thinking!

    LOL oh men :D
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    Making coffee soap ?'s

    I'm thinking of giving this a try using coffee as my liquid but was wondering if you could make the coffee and put it in a ice cube tray then use that when mixing the lye in?
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    3 new soaps

    They are so pretty!
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    Soy milk in soap ?

    Was wondering if I could use Soy milk (vanilla flavored) in my cp soap and hp soap? Or does it work better in cp? Also would regular soy milk be best? Any help will be appreciated :)
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    First Craft Fair

    Good luck! Hope you sell lots!
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    My first black & white soap

    That looks awesome! Can't wait for the pics :D
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    Two Coconut Milk Soaps

    So pretty :D
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    Where to buy lye?

    I buy mine from I store called ACO it's the same brand the picture shown onthis thread. When I lived in California I would get it at Lowe's :D
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    Cleaning up is a pain in my butt :( Help!

    Ty all for the help :) I now got my method down. I scrape as much as I can of the oils and soap while soaping then I put all my tools in the the mixing bowl I use ,fill it up with hot water/dawn soap and leave it for a few hrs or over night. It works great! :D
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    The birth and death of the Goliath egg...

    Wow! I can't imagine how that felt for her. Poor thing :shock: lol
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    Hello from newbie in Michigan

    Hi Kazmi and welcome to SMF! I too live in Michigan :D So if you ever need help lol I'm here :p