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    Thanks, I'll do so.
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    Paul's Wal-Mart Recipe

    I don't know if I did it right since it was my first time using the calc. but from what I did I got these numbers in OUNCES: Water-27.7 Lye- 13.65 Coconut Oil [76 deq, solid]- 28.8 [I didn't know which one to pick] Crisco- 24 Olive oil- 22.08 Canola- 9.6 Safflower- 6.72 Castor oil- 4.8...
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    Batch #13, Cucumber Melon

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    3rd batch with NEW TOG 1lb mold!!!

    Ian your soap looks awesome!
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    8) bump, I'd like to know this as well.
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    Made my first salt bars

    I bet those smell good! They are really cute. I love the foot.
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    Newbie CP NOVICE

    Hi and Welcome. I just joined. Trying to get a lot of info before I try my hand at it. Your soap turned out beautifully!
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    Welcome Rae!
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    Newbie Soap Pics

    Those are pretty!
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    Laundry soap???

    I thought borax was safe. That's interesting. Thanks for sharing that information. As for dryer sheets, you can do a number of things. Two that I know of is just putting vinegar in the rinse and that helps [I do that] or you can put some EO on a washcloth or piece of cloth and throw it in...
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    My other passion........ it's pretty unique

    That's awesome. Love the baby bottles! I've seen the doll thing before. It's amazing. :)
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    My other passion

    Wow beautiful work!
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    My other hobby

    Beautiful! I'd love to try that someday.
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    Newbie here and to soap making!

    Hi Paul, thanks! Yep good smells to me! :lol: Ian, I'd love to share notes. That goes for anyone. :) I love sharing information with others.
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    Hi Y'all

    Hi and Welcome! I looked at your site. I think you've done a great job so far. :) Your all natural soaps look and sound great!