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    Bees wax! Lots of bees wax!

    As a hobby beekeeper I was saddened when I started reading this thread and saw that the hive was destroyed. but the last post makes it worth it! We started with a "wild" hive in our shed that had to be moved as we were tearing down the shed, we transferred the hive from the barrel they had...
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    HELP!! I have mystery oil I want to make soap out of.

    The only time I had oil separating was when I tried to do CPOP and over heated it, once I cooked it in the crockpot it turned out great. Could that be what happened?
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    Different swirl technique?

    Your rods are great by the way!
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    Different swirl technique?

    There is a product called "plasti dip" that comes in an aerosol or a can that you can dip into. (It is what is on rubber handled pliers.) that would be pretty easy to use to coat the swirl rods. It only runs about $8-10 for a can and would coat alot of rods.
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    surefire scents that everyone can enjoy :)

    I personally would never say that any soap is "unscented" to me that means you won't smell ANYTHING if you take a wiff. I believe that "no scent added" is more accurate.
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    CP in the oven?

    I recently tried CPOP and and quickly overheated it because I turned my back and forgot that I had turned the oven on for a "minute" to warm it up. I have read on this forum many times that others have had issues with overheating as well. I also know that there are many who do CPOP on a regular...
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    Coconut Water & Lye?

    I have made one batch with coconut water. I used it for the full water and added the lye pretty quickly. The CW turned a bright orange. The soap turned out awesome!
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    Aldi has silicone molds again

    My local Aldi was sold out on Sat when I went by, but did find the 9x9's today in another town.
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    soap mold material question

    Since u have them and they were free give it a go! The issue that you may have is if moisture gets to the particle board back.
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    Aldi has silicone molds again

    Thank you for the "heads up"! I love those loaf pans!!!!
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    HP without a Slow Cooker

    I know what you mean about the prices at thrift stores being outrageous. My sister was in town a couple of weeks ago and told me that she stopped by our thrift store on her way home, and she was quite shocked by the prices here. She routinely buys my brother in laws clothes at her local thrift...
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    Explaining Lye...I nailed it..lol

    Love the explanation!
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    underarms sticky?

    I simply use the edge of the bar as a scraper, then go over it with lather. Works for me.
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    Recieved an open bottle of lye

    Just thought I would update. I received a response on Sept 24th from Donnie in Essential Depot's customer service that they would reship the damaged products. I could not speculate on what they considered the damaged products to be (all the bottles with KOH on them or just the opened one)...
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    Bentonite Clay

    Wow that is a LOT of clay!