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  1. Mistrael

    NS Mad about Mint

    Huh. I used that FO once & called it "Strugglemint" b/c it didn't want to trace at all. Imagine salt bars refusing to trace, it was bizarre. 😂 I thought the scent was okay, but I've since decided I like BB's Moroccan Mint much better.
  2. Mistrael

    My lard based soaps going rancid!

    I'm hesitant to point out the shady nature of American meat industries, but I feel like it's relevant. My experience in the restaurant industry is why I don't buy or use processed lard or tallow in food or soap, no matter the price. If I haven't bought it fresh from the butcher and smelled it...
  3. Mistrael

    Help!!! Ants are eating my soap!

    :eek::eek::eek: <-- my face when I read this post. It never occurred to me that critters would eat soap. My dogs will eat anything & they've barely sniffed the stuff. I have some oatmeal, coconut milk, & honey soap for my mom curing right now. Perhaps I should hide it somewhere! Another thing...
  4. Mistrael

    First Attempt at Soap (hot process, well-used fry oil, sour milk)

    My husband builds semi-truck transmissions for a living, and regularly comes home with grubby hands. Yes, he washes before leaving work, but the cheap work soap doesn't do a great job. I make a very nice salt bar with 100% coconut oil, 20% SF, and varying percentages of fine sea salt. It takes...
  5. Mistrael

    Favourite soaping temperature

    I want to soap at room temp, but impatience gets me every time. So far, the best I can usually manage is to use the heat transfer method. I need to try masterbatching my lye & see if that works for me.
  6. Mistrael

    What scents are you drawn to?

    The only ones I don't care much for as food scents, especially now that I'm a diabetic and can't just go get some apple pie. :mad: That said, I still love coffee & black raspberry vanilla, so... :smallshrug: I especially love sandalwood, woodsy, spicy, herbals, florals, and citrus.
  7. Mistrael

    New CP soaper, and my FO experiences so far...

    Nurture has a gorgeous Dragon's Blood that could be called a sandalwood, but it has pthalates. I don't care for that, so I bought some DB from NG. It's a bit lacking, so next I'm going to try Dragon Moon from NS. NG has a gorgeous coffee FO that I absolutely adore. I used a raw cocoa butter...
  8. Mistrael

    New CP soaper, and my FO experiences so far...

    I've been soaping since last September and have only handed out soap to family so far, but they've had all kinds of questions. My mother is a chemical engineer so I have to be able to answer questions no "normal" customer would consider. Then my aunt is an artist with experience in almost every...
  9. Mistrael

    Who is your favourite YT soaper?

    Ophelia's Soapery is my hands down fav. No chatter, good view of the pour, always ends with a good cut & cleaned up bars. So satisfying! But I love Kenny of Royal Apple Berry too because she's so real, & Royalty when I'm in the mood to handle the goofy. (I have 3 kids, 2 dogs, a goofball...
  10. Mistrael

    Recommendation Needed : Masculine Scents

    Just fyi, I'm probably going to steal at least half of these names. :D
  11. Mistrael

    Lye--how long can it sit?

    I've been thinking of trying to masterbatch my lye to make life easier, so thanks for all the info! I'd been wondering how long it could sit too.
  12. Mistrael

    Post your Gripe

    For the last week & a half I've been nursing a badly sprained knee and I'm so over it. I'm bored and restless and annoyed with everything, but can barely hobble around. My double-jointedness probably saved me from breaking something when I fell down all the bloody stairs, but now my knee is...
  13. Mistrael

    When to trim/shape CP bar edges

    I've been having a heck of a time with patience, so sometimes I cut my soaps too early... So my bevels aren't as nice as they could be, but I am able to squash my scraps into a ball. I then use the ball as a tester, which my family seems to enjoy. (I'm fortunate to have a very supportive...
  14. Mistrael

    dry hand after olive oil soap ?

    I find it interesting and puzzling that so many have to wait a year for a Castile to be nice. I used Zany's recipe w/ a bit of lavendin EO & kaolin & had a nice, mild soap after 2-3 months. I've been using it on my face even, and it's been the best face wash I've ever used. I checked my notes...