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    Soapmaking Forum Giveaway - Amazon GC, Membership + Decal

    I've been in migraine hell all winter, but hoping it starts to ease up now that we're well into spring. Seeing everyone's soaps reminds me why I love this craft! That's one of my beloved salt bars. I need to get back in my soapmaking groove before we run out! These are uncolored, with BB's...
  2. Mistrael

    Glycerin rivers?

    Nope! I do my best to take accurate notes as I work, but this batch accelerated so quickly I lost my cool entirely and went into "chef in the weeds" mode. It wasn't pretty and I completely forgot to note the things I hadn't put down in advance.
  3. Mistrael

    Glycerin rivers?

    Alas, this IS the settled down version. 🤣 That bowl of ice is an idea though, I'll have to try it. I'm sad to say the biggest problem isn't my kids, it's my mother. She's only in her 60s and overall quite healthy, but she had a trauma in 2020 and hasn't been quite right since. She's a newly...
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    HELP, messed up :(

    Only those of us with the time and will to hand crochet them!
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    Glycerin rivers?

    Nope! There are 6 people in this house and the fridge that came with it looks to be 20 years old. We're planning to get a chest freezer eventually, and also a fridge for my future soaping space in the garage, but for now we're still in chaos. These supply chain issues are making it very...
  6. Mistrael

    HELP, messed up :(

    Feel free to set it aside for a while and deal with it later. I hope you have enough supplies for the baby shower soap.
  7. Mistrael

    Glycerin rivers?

    About my impatience... I have very limited time and space for soaping, plus kids, critters, and my mother's questionable sanity, so masterbatching lye isn't an option yet. There simply isn't a safe space to store it because wherever I put it and however I label it, I don't trust that everyone...
  8. Mistrael

    Glycerin rivers?

    Thanks Ali & Zing! And yes, the lather is glorious, which shocked the heck out of me. My husband has threatened to take some to his work buddies and I just want to hide them away b/c i just hate the way they look. At the same time I don't want to be wasteful by throwing away usable soap...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Wrapped & labeled soaps and stored them in my linen cupboard. If I'm able to make more before spring I may need to add another box to my storage system! 🤣🤞
  10. Mistrael

    Mountain Rose Herbs catalog

    Same! 😁😁😁
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    When a batch Seizes aka Soap on a Stick

    I wish I'd known this last year! :beatinghead:
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    Glycerin rivers?

    I've been incredibly fortunate with my soaping - I've only had a couple batches go sideways and never so badly that they can't be used. (Friends & family only, selling is still a dream.) This batch has plagued my mind for about a year because it went missing during our move last winter. It was...
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    Too Much of a Good Thing!

    Muahaha! Looms for everyone! This is why backstrap weaving is amazing. All the components can be packed into one of those mailing tubes when not in use!
  14. Mistrael

    Mountain Rose Herbs catalog

    If anyone figures out how to acquire this book of ingredient pron, pls let me know! 😍😍😍
  15. Mistrael

    Needing some validation

    Yes, we're all mad here! 😂