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    Let's play Good News / Bad News

    Bad news - now that my husband has a new Mac, he hates using my computer because it's SO slow. I'm not sure if that's bad news or good news. It IS slow but not really that bad. Good news - because my laptop is 8 years old and so slow (according to him), he suggested I go look at computers. I...
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    Red or White?

    I got it from Candora
  3. Misschief

    Those pesky bath bombs

    Try milk powder
  4. Misschief

    Red or White?

    They're jojoba beads.
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    Red or White?

    I decided that, since we live in the Okanagan, which is wine country, I'd make some Okanagan themed soaps. I've made beer soap before, using a local beer so this was a natural progression. Here are my two wine soaps, red (Merlot Madness, scented with Merlot FO and White Wine Whimsy scented with...
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    SMF June 2020 Un-Challenge - Half & Half

    1. dibbles - I have a couple of half&half-baked ideas! 2. szaza - I already have something in mind😉 3. amd - I "half" to do this [sorry!] 4. Jerseygirl- will come to me... :D 5. AliOop- As a Gemini, I heartily approve of this challenge. :) (I am not actually into horoscopes at all...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    That is a lovely top! I made white wine soap to go with the red wine soap I made a couple of weeks ago. I'll post pics tomorrow, when I cut it.
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    SMF May 2020 Challenge Entry Thread - Diagonal Slice Stripe with Swirl

    Well done, all of you, and congrats to the winners!
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    2020 Pics of your garden

    Just one pic today. This is one of my luffa plants reaching out for the trellis. I love how they just seem to know that the trellis is there and reach for it like little fingers. I have three plants this year, out of 12 seeds planted.
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    Soap turning soft when used.

    Wait, you're using it right away? Let it cure 4-6 weeks, then try it again. Soap is ALWAYS better after a proper cure time.
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    A need for levity

    This one came across my FB feed, thanks to a co-member of the DIY Bath & Body Group. I've watched it twice now; the first time, my husband was asleep and I had to muffle my laughter. I watched it again today, with John, and I laughed even harder. <iframe width="560" height="315" src=""...
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    SMF May 2020 Challenge Signup – Diagonal Slice Stripe with Swirl

    I've read that you can take a bowl of boiling water, place it along with your soap in a plastic tub or cooler to help get rid of ash. I haven't tried it myself so I can't verify that it works.
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    SMF May 2020 Challenge Signup – Diagonal Slice Stripe with Swirl

    What about steaming it, @Arimara?
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    Wood Bars

    Well done!!
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    SMF May 2020 Challenge Signup – Diagonal Slice Stripe with Swirl

    Don't worry about that. Enter it anyway. We love seeing everyone's entry and you may just encourage someone else to try this technique.