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    Does milk accelerate trace in CP soap?

    Thank you. I will check that out. I haven't heard of that before. I have come to the same conclusion about the goat milk lye solution. It is thicker from the beginning, and I need to choose designs that work better with a thicker batter. I believe most of the culprit has been my nose, which...
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    Does milk accelerate trace in CP soap?

    It has probably been the FOs. I am the worst for loving accelerating FOs and using them anyway. LOL Sometimes they smell so good, I am determined to make it work.
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    Does milk accelerate trace in CP soap?

    I have been using goat milk in almost all of my soap recently. I have used the goat milk lye solution method so that I can substitute all of the water for milk. I have definitely found that it makes a creamy lux bar that I am nuts about. I know that a lot of soap makers use water to dissolve the...
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    Help with CP soap and acceleration

    I use goat milk in all of my soaps as well. I love the way it feels on my skin. I have wondered about some people not liking it, and I may try the Coconut milk as well, but I am kind of like you. It is hard to please everyone, and I just feel like it would definitely take something away from my...
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    Lip Balm flavoring questions

    I have been making soap for a while, but lip balms....I have gotten very frustrated trying to make them, so I usually just do something else, and come back to them later. At this point, I am very frustrated. Maybe someone here can help? The main problem is that when I use the recommended amount...
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    SMF June 2022 Un-Challenge - Cocoa Powder

    I love your random dots, and I think they look great!!! I have more soap than I know what to do with as well, so I know exactly what you mean! LOL
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    Soap dough and late superfat/colour/FO addition

    Thank you :) And I think you have sent me a little boy disc for a certain was so cool to see the advice coming from you . Made me smile.
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    Soap dough and late superfat/colour/FO addition

    Thank you so much for this advice! That is what I am dealing with in my dough, and I have dug and dug for an answer online about it. All of my soaps usually go through gel unless I stop it, so I will definitely make a new batch. These little spots are a nightmare to deal with.
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    Glitter discoloration?

    Thank you for the responses. I didn’t think it was a very common issue. I haven’t found anything online about it. I have emailed the supplier. We will see what they say. I do hope it goes back, but with it being glitter, I don’t have high hopes of that. I am going to wait until I know it has...
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    Hi Arctic! I am a newbie as well. I don't have a big fancy space to make soap either. I just do it in my kitchen, and like a previous post said, the oven vent is just fine. I tuck my nose in my shirt for a minute and it is gone. It is really not that bad at all. Good luck with your soap!! I find...
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    CP. Keeping batter fluid. Currently don't need to stick blend.

    I have been finding lately that I don't have to stick blend my batter as much. The only thing I have changed is that I have started using a water discount (33%), and I have increased the milk in my recipe. It has not been a problem for me so far, so I think that the amount of stick blending...
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    Glitter discoloration?

    I have searched the forum and could not find any post that addressed this issue, so I hope this is not a repeat. I have been making soap for about 5 months now, so I have a little experience under my belt. I am in no way a pro yet, but I have made a lot of soap in that time. I am definitely...
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    Hi all!! Happy to be here! :)

    My mother and I started making soap around November '21. We are obsessed with it and absolutely love everything about it. We joke about our favorite part...I say mine is when the oils are emulsifying and that beautiful color change happens, and she says hers is the dishes. LOL ... I am excited...