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    Things to do during Isolation

    Omg I LOVE those videos!! Especially the last one, haha, so cute. ♡♡♡
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    HP discoloration to pink (EO scented)

    Hmm, the mystery continues. Thanks for the update!
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    My favorite so far

    Beautiful greens!! Looks like a watercolor painting. Love them.
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    Has anyone seen anything like this before? (Fragrance weirdness)

    My guess is ricing with a discoloring fragrance
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    Lye on quartz countertop

    Maybe it's a scar to be proud of? As you give people a tour of your house, you point it out and say, "oh hey, ever seen Fight Club? Yeah, that's where I make soap." (Gasps, applause)
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    Favorite soap-making paraphernalia?

    Tiny plastic containers with lids from the Dollar Tree. I keep premixed colors in them so I can adjust my swirl plans on the fly based on how the fragrance moves things along. (I have a favorite spoon for scooping oils but I don't know how it came into my possession or where to get another. I...
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    @Mobjack Bay haha, that's nothing. Mine is embarrassing. Gotta wait for my device to charge and I'll take a photo.... but I'm not sure if I'll have the guts to post it P.s. thanks, glad I'm not the only one Oh, the shame :oops::oops::eek:
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    Special Lockdown Edition...

    They look wonderful! I like the sides just as much as the top. Scrumptious texture.
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    Millet Ice Lettuce Legumes Iceberg lettuce Eggplant That's the diet I'll need to go on when we get to see people again. My actual lockdown diet is mostly chocolate and Nutella...:oops:
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    Special Lockdown Edition...

    Requesting slice photos too, pretty please : )
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    Music tag ...

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    I can't swirl

    Does it feel like the batter is getting too thick to work with? Your fragrances might be speeding things along. You could always try an unscented batch. Are you using enough colorant? I'm just shooting in the dark here because I don't know where the problems are showing up. A recipe and...
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    Looking for just the right Lavender.

    If you don't like lavender why not go with another scent? A lot of baby products are heavily scented, from the popular "Dreft" laundry detergent to disposable diapers. I like unscented baby stuff best, but my favorite of the scented stuff was a pack wipes with just a hint of peach scent. French...
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    Does anyone list their ingredients properly?

    Yes @Carl you posted a very long rant about this previously.
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    Think I totally bombed first shampoo batch :(

    :lol: Thanks for sharing!! I have no idea how to make shampoo. Lucky you have a willing guinea pig ;)