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    We Have a Mystery

    Is it possible that the mugs didn't get a thorough rinse in the dishwasher, provided you use one and they were all washed together? This has happened to me.
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    Getting ready to cut back my Plumeria

    I'm in Ft Myers and would love a stick! debesc52@yahoo.com
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    Lining PVC?

    I don't line PVC molds anymore. No need! To unmold, usually I place in the freezer for an hour or so, then to "unstick" the soap I push with a soup can or the bottom of a glass. Then I can push it out easily with my hand. Last time I was able to unmold without freezing first. No liner...no...
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    Tussah silk + master/batched lye

    I tried a method of dissolving silk seen on Youtube and it worked like a dream Getting silk to dissolve was always hit and miss for me. So now, after weighing out lye I place the silk on top, dump it in the water, and stir as normal. Within a couple of minutes it is melted. I find I can use a...
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    Best colorants for CP soap?

    I buy from Mad Micas, mostly because they are also in Florida, just about 90 minutes away, so cheap and fast shipping. But I was thinking if I was starting my collection I would opt for the Vibrance collection at Nurture. You can alter them by combining them or lighten or darken as desired...
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    Citric acid and graininess

    I think you have nailed my problem! I only use 1% of oil weight but pretty sure I wasn't patient enough to wait till it was properly dissolved. Off to try this again. Thank you everyone for taking time to guide me!
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    Citric acid and graininess

    For one batch I dissolved CA and powdered sugar in DW and added it to the cool NaOH solution. For the other I dissolved it with the sugar in warm DW and added it to clay and goat milk powder which had been absorbing DW for a while, then the whole bit was blended into the oils before the lye was...
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    Citric acid and graininess

    I decided to try citric acid (Milliard brand found on Amazon) in a few recent batches, then I made a couple of batches without CA but with the same ingredients. The ones with CA are just a tad grainy (I actually like the unexpected exfoliation); the others are smooth. I saw on a FB post...
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    Help can I fix this problem?

    Auntie Clara did an experiment trying to force the formation of alien brains. You can read her blog called “What’s Hot and What’s Not -A Study in Overheating.” I tried to link it but it didn’t work. I found it by googling Auntie Clara alien brains.
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    Dupe for RE barbershop 1920 ? ? ?

    Last month I ordered from both RE and BB, pretty much the same size orders. I was shocked that BB charged <$9 for shipping, and RE was $16. I am in love with Autumn Rain (RE) but will have to rethink ordering again. That scent does stick wonderfully. Bars I made last summer still smell divine.
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    Hi guys!

    Welcome to the forum, Maria, and welcome to Florida! (I live on Gulf coast in SW FL)
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    Sticky feeling after washing hands

    I just got pkf from Amazon
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    homemade distilled water not worth it?

    More importantly, for those of us who use CPAP's!
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    SMF April 2020 Challenge - Strainer Pour/Pull Through Technique

    It should work if you glue 2 of them together so they won't bend. Good luck!