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  1. Michele M.

    Hello from a newbie :)

  2. Michele M.

    Hello from a newbie :)

    This is something I know about! I got deep into research about the borosilicate Pyrex some years ago and learned something VERY handy: the company has a capital P on the Pyrex dishes that are made with borosilicate -- and those that are just glass always have a lower-case p! This applies to...
  3. Michele M.

    Issues with Hair Conditioner Bar recipe

    Haha. Well, I will not be purchasing that Palestinian soap anymore until and unless I find I can get a (much) less expensive bar at a local middle eastern store. Thanks so much for the heads up on Suave shampoo. I'll have to check that out, for sure! However, my hair type seems really...
  4. Michele M.

    Olive oil quality - and update??

    Do tell...!
  5. Michele M.

    Attention Patchouli Lovers

    I have been really happy with the many essential oils I have gotten from Eden's Garden -- a lot of great quality with good prices, and shipping within the U.S. is always free.
  6. Michele M.

    Issues with Hair Conditioner Bar recipe

    Wow, all the encouraging comments (not). Well, I've made my (non-colored) hair into straw before by using baking soda for years, so I'm pretty sure my hair will survive this. There is only so much I am willing to do for my hair -- I know, I know, it sounds awful -- but there it is. Will see how...
  7. Michele M.

    Issues with Hair Conditioner Bar recipe

    Well, I used the soap made in Palestine today (100% olive oil plus "soda" and water, long process) to wash my hair. My hair feels very soft and very clean. So far so good! (I also rinsed with a vinegar and water mixture.)
  8. Michele M.

    Issues with Hair Conditioner Bar recipe

    Yes. I know this. I just know I don't want anything that complicated.
  9. Michele M.

    Issues with Hair Conditioner Bar recipe

    Whoa. That has a lot of ingredients I have no idea what they are. I will be skipping making anything like that (due to my wallet, if not the chemicals).
  10. Michele M.

    Issues with Hair Conditioner Bar recipe

    Sorry to see that no one has responded to your query. Have you learned anything in the meantime?
  11. Michele M.

    Why don't you like olive oil?

    Well, it is certainly disheartening to hear how many people are experiencing dryness, tightness and itchiness from using olive oil soaps! I appreciate that one or more people in the thread have expressed positive results as well. My hair has always been dry hair and in my older years now it's...
  12. Michele M.

    Shampoo bar

    I never heard of soap conditioner bars. Do people make these at home?
  13. Michele M.

    Coconut oil free Shampoo

    I am going to try the Palestinian soap that is 100% olive oil (in a bar) for shampooing soon as it arrives. My poor hair has been stripped by harsh soaps for years. I have not read any reviews of people using that soap for hair, but many reviews speak of how softening and conditioning it is to...
  14. Michele M.

    Hello! Anyone know anything about olive-baking-soda-and-water soap?

    Thanks, Shellonian! From Wikipedia: "The chief ingredients of Nabulsi soap are virgin olive oil, water, and an alkaline sodium compound. The compound is made by mixing the powdered ashes of the barilla plant (qilw) which grows along the banks of the River Jordan with locally supplied lime...