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    Crumbly Salt Bar… What went wrong

    Check out the video for making salt bars from “I Dream in Soap”. It will change your life (well, it will enable you to make awesome salt soap anyway).
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    Crumbly Salt Bar… What went wrong

    I use fine Himalayan sea salt in my bars and have never had any complaints; actually one of my most popular soaps. I think the key is that the salt must be “fine” - not medium or coarse. “Fine” seems to be just fine.
  3. melinda48

    Great EO blends for MANLY scents

    Do you mix it 50/50 lavender/eucalyptus? I am eager to try this blend but am unsure of the mix. Wow! Minimum order must be $500. A bit too rich for me. I will stick with New Directions Aromatics.
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    What are your favorite Christmas shows and songs?

    A Christmas Carol (Alastair Sjam) and A Christmas Story are movie favorites although I love it’s a Wonderful Life as well! My favo music is on Andrea Bocelli’s Christmas album-it is simply my favorite. I do love the animated Rudolph and Frostry the Snowman too!
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    Borax Hand Soap for Blacksmith or other dirty work

    going to give this a try for sure. thank you!
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    Soap recipe for “shooters”

    Bet it smells great with the orange EO!
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    Weighty issues

    I agree. I have noticed the same thing with several product types. It makes it somehow more difficult to make sure we are getting what we think we are getting sometimes. Stay diligent my friend.
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    Soap recipe for “shooters”

    Thank you for the info. I will give that idea a shot (no pun intended). ~ ; )
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    Soap recipe for “shooters”

    I engage in the shooting sports (am a member of a women’s shooting league). Is there a soap recipe out there that can remove lead residue from skin? The main lead removing soap uses 2-Butoxyethanol which is listed as having acute oral, dermal, inhalation toxicity. I would like to make a soap...
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    Weighty issues

    Nauseous? Sounds like I see the wrong word inadvertently as nothing but liver and narcotic drugs make me nauseous. I look to this group as a resource for all soap-related questions. As I was corrected by someone in the group, I got the answer I needed and, if there is someone who is “with” the...
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    can't hang on to soap when using it

    Perhaps some colloidal oatmeal to add a bit of “grab” to the bar might help.
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    Hello Everyone! Newbie Here needs your Help Please!!

    Being a member here is one of the best things you can do to learn/improve your soapmaking skills - bar none.
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    Weighty issues

    As I said, I have no intention of “reporting” or “turning in” anyone. I was asking for clarification. If I was planning to do anything like reporting them, I would have approached the store manager and let it go at that. I was curious about the labeling as I have never seen soap weight listed by...
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    Crazy Bubble Recipe Feedback?

    If your concerns about palm oil are due to deforestation, please know there are companies that sell responsibly harvested palm oil. They often work with inhabitants in their villages to harvest the palm - It is a terrific oil for soap making.