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    Tried something new yesterday...

    Lovely-bet it smells as pretty as it looks!
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    Good liquid hand soap base?

    Their body butter base is amazing! I have some of their liquid soap but have not tried it yet.
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    Photo Backdrops

    I used Photoshop extensively for 20 years. Once I retired, I could no longer afford it so I looked high and low. I discovered Affimity Photo and have never looked back! Far less expensive and I can do everything I was able to do in Photoshop.
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    Lavender fragrance

    I use lavender 40/42 with a touch of Rosemary. The Rosemary seems to make the lavender stick better.
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    Record keeping and notations

    Sounds great! Simple yet complete.
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    Hello there,

    Welcome! Are you a Missouri native or, like me, a transplant? I was born here (Kansas City) but grew up in upstate New York (Syracuse-area)-moved back about 20 years ago. I guess, for that reason, I say Missouri not Missourah.
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    Record keeping and notations

    Thank you! Went to Soapmaking Friend.
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    Record keeping and notations

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    Record keeping and notations

    Wish SoapCalc was available for mac. In this day, there is no excuse for not having to be cross-platform. Excel works on all platforms and even integrates with Apple’s native spreadsheet Numbers. Very frustrating to have to spend time building my own version. Ugh! Excuse my whining. 😞😉
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    Used Dairy Butter. Soap Stinks!

    Tallow is animal fat.
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    Rethinking my shipping charges to customers

    We do that in the US. It is called Click n Ship. Put in weight, destination and voila! Pay for postage and print the label. You can also track easily. I'm use it for everything.
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    Record keeping and notations

    I am-just hoping for a “lazy person’s” option! 😉 Actually, I have quit using Word or Excel and have moved to the native (and free) Pages and Numbers. Can save to excel and even use with Google docs. Took a little getting used to but now I like them a lot!
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    Record keeping and notations

    Many of you are referencing Soapmaker 3 but I use a Mac not a Windows machine - any Mac users out there? What do you use?
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    That is absolutely incorrect. Believe half of what you read and none of what you hear. 😉