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    Goat's milk soap leaves terrible-smelling residue... like hair perm/burning almost?

    I only make GMS and only use my herd's fresh goat milk. The only time I had a problem was when I didn't have the milk cold enough when I added the lye. OMG. That was an incredibly rank smell!! Ever since then I freeze my fresh goat milk in ice cube trays and then take out what I need. I've never...
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    Another Lotion Bar Thread

    Just wanted to say thank you to all of you guys who post on here. I was part of a small craft show yesterday and decided to add lotion bars to my goat milk soap and honey offerings. The bars were very small as I used candy molds but they were very popular even though I had to explain what they...
  3. McKherring Farm

    Another Lotion Bar Thread

    That is great to hear! I have my first craft show this weekend and made some lotion bars to fill in on my table. Then got to second guessing myself about packaging, storing, etc, etc... Your post was timed perfectly. :)