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  1. maya

    Future primitive soap co on Youtube

    Has anyone tried her soap?
  2. maya

    Future primitive soap co on Youtube

    I LOOOOOOOVE Future Primitive soaps designs! I love her chatting during the videos and how shes moved into her own soap making space over the years and everything. She is brilliant!
  3. maya

    8 day show debrief

    I am verklempt at your goat. Your soap really is gorgeous. <3 thank you so much for sharing. The way you tell everything is really wonderful.
  4. maya

    Weather Gripe thread

    It's gonna snow here this weekend and it is cold and rainy today.
  5. maya

    Natural flavor in soap

    Do you mean to be using the flavored lip oils from for instance Loranne to scent your soap? Cost wise its super prohibitive, far more expensive then the E.O's I use, ounce for ounce, and I'm not even sure what is in the flavored oils.
  6. maya

    Setting Up Shop

    Thats a gorgeous space! Thanks for sharing!
  7. maya

    All these little orange spots

    How old was the oil when you made the soap? Was it stored in a hot area? Because that looks like classic DOS. I'd use it for dishes or gardening at home.
  8. maya

    cost of markets and craft fairs

    Pretty clearly I wasn't taking about the good organizers. I've organized more then a few markets and I know how much work it is.
  9. maya

    cost of markets and craft fairs

    I don't do the really expensive ones here (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota aka fly over country) but I know of them and I get invited to vend at them. One is 500.00 dollars for two days it seems to focus on vintage, "up cycled", and art, there is a gate fee for customers who want to shop early...
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    Wix vs GoDaddy

    Thank you!
  11. maya

    Wix vs GoDaddy

    I have Wix. Can you show me this? I didn't ever see that. To be clear I'm not questioning what you say.
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    Weather Gripe thread

    If you don't like us commiserating with our friends about something feel free to scroll by.
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    Weather Gripe thread

    The difference between last week and January was 170 degrees. 170 degrees. 170 DEGREES
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    A Few Pics from Today's Market

    OH Gorgeous!
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    Weather Gripe thread

    The thing about Minnesota is the 15 thousand lakes, and the river, and the rain. and somehow super crazy hot WHILE it's raining.