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    Booth advice

    Where did you get your wood stands from? They show off your soap very well. Easy for people to see straight-on. Are they easy to set up? The greenery on your poles is a really nice touch.
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    Ciaglia Method

    Love the look. I'm gonna try it.
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    67% Shea Butter CP - INS 155

    Zany, I tried your recipe. It creates a super hard bar, good lather, and a nice feel. Really like it. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking for a really simple recipe that makes a good bar. I've used up to 7 oils in a recipe and that's really too much for me. I think this will be one of my...
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    Insurance Policies

    I signed up for a monthly market this year and would love to hear your tips. I'm sure they would be very helpful.
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    A new hobby

    They are beautiful!
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    67% Shea Butter CP - INS 155

    Intriguing recipe. I'm going to try it. Did you superfat? What is the purpose of the arrowroot?
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    To sell or not to sell...

    I am doing that now. I requested a copy of the HSCG policy so I can see what the coverage provisions are.
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    To sell or not to sell...

    One of my goals for 2022 is to get my insurance in order. I have business insurance thru Erie, which is does my home owners policy, but I'm researching to see if there is better coverage available. I called Hiscox and was told that they do not cover soap or candle makers because that is...
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    What hosting do you use for your business?

    I used Godaddy for my website design and hosting. I built the site myself with no prior experience. It was a bit slow going and occasionally frustrating, but I saved the money a designer would have charged, plus I learned something new, which is always a plus. Godaddy now has a card reader...
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    SL makes soft bars but brine lye solution bars demold just fine? Wha?

    Do you dissolve the salt in the water before adding the lye? Do you use regular table salt, with/without iodine? I've got some dendritic salt left over. Do you think I could use that? (I bought it to make scrubs but found it to be too harsh.)
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    Reaching a soap making goal

    So beautiful!
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    Wick help, please!

    Hadn't thought of contacting Candlescience. I'll do that. Thanks.
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    Wick help, please!

    I am using IGI 4627 Comfort blend wax. My container is a 12 oz salsa jar which is about 3.5" wide. I used a LX 24 wick (as recommended by Candlescience) for the first test. After 5 hours I did not have a full melt pool. I tried 3 LX 10 which created an almost full melt pool in about 30...
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    Happy Accidents

    Your soap looks great. Perfect gift from a geologist!
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    Halloween-ish Pull Throughs.

    love them all!