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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Thank you! I'd say the color is more pink than orange in person. You're tiger stripes look great! And I bet they smell amazing.
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I cut the soaps I made yesterday using the Ione Swirl method. These are some of the prettiest swirls I've done yet!
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    Today’s soap thing is a CP that’s stuck in gel mode

    Another suggestion for shoestring mold ideas is plastic food containers. I have several that I've put aside for small batches. Just make sure they have the recycling number as 2 and 5. Or you can line the mold.
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    SMF May 2020 Challenge Entry Thread - Diagonal Slice Stripe with Swirl

    This was a fun challenge and it gave me the nudge I needed to try out layers. I used TD, Green Apple and Jade micas for my layers and Caipirinha FO. For the swirl layer I used TD, Terra Cotta and a little of the Green Apple micas. My FO was Aloe and it was rather naughty. It riced and my swirls...
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    SMF May 2020 Challenge Signup – Diagonal Slice Stripe with Swirl

    I'm pretty happy with my layers, which is a good thing, since I have less time than I expected to make this soap. We found out yesterday our 2 kiddos will be home Thurs and Friday due to some holiday (it's hard to keep the holidays straight when you're an expat). So, quick like a bunny, I'm...
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    SMF May 2020 Challenge Signup – Diagonal Slice Stripe with Swirl

    Layers poured and put to bed! I can't wait to see what they look like tomorrow :) I changed up my plan at the last minute. I have soap commitment issues.
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    Investing in Essential Oils

    I haven't heard of this before! How well does it work? I made a batch of soap using orange and patchouli (85/15 I think) and I don't get any of the orange fragrance. I might put listea cubeba on my next order.
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    Are FO and EO interchangeable

    If you haven't already, search the forum for palm-free recipes and palm substitutes. It's been discussed here a lot!
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    Are FO and EO interchangeable

    Sorry about the gender confusion! If you are comfortable with using palm oil, then give it a shot as is! If you want to modify it, you can subsitute lard for palm. You can also decrease the amount of coconut and increase the amount of olive oil or substitute it with another oil. Some find...
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    Are FO and EO interchangeable

    The recipe is a Soap Queen one and appears to be 40/30/30 Olive, Coconut, Palm oils. Personally, I don't use palm oil any longer, but a lot of soapers do and that recipe should be a good starting point. Like shunt mentioned, a lot EOs don't last very long in CP soap, especially the citrus...
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    Gracefruit (UK) FO deals

    Riiigghhttt?! I got an order in yesterday!
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    Gracefruit (UK) FO deals

    For my European friends, I received an email earlier today from Gracefruit. They have 30ish 250 ml FOs on sale for 99p! They do have a minimum order of £25 and they only take PayPal and bank transfers. Happy shopping!
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    What did YOU do today?

    Started researching possible Master's programs. I haven't set foot in a classroom since 2004, the idea of going back is daunting. Not to mention the program that is the most interesting to me would likely require I spend 8-12 months living abroad... which weighs heavily on me since I have 2 kids...
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    SMF May 2020 Challenge Signup – Diagonal Slice Stripe with Swirl

    Sign up 1. Jersey Girl- Always up for a fun challenge. Never tried a stripe yet so now is as good a time as any! 2. dibbles - I see some 'learning opportunities' in my future 3. Bookreader451 - Staying true to my goal and trying another challenge 4.kafayat.learning is soo much fun 5...
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    Batch gone wrong

    It's all becoming so clear now! Thanks for the explanations.