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    Titanium Dioxide - water or oil dispersible?

    I always mix my mica with a bit of oil (from the batch) before adding it to the batch. I premix my TD with water in a plastic bottle (disc top) with a ball bearing inside the bottle (or similar object, rock, anything that won't break) similar to what you hear rattling around inside a can of...
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    Soapmaking Friend Bug Issues / New Feature Requests - August 2019

    I apologize, I have not looked at it but will give it a look at my first opportunity.
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    Newbie here FO & EO Q's........

    Tabitha, I will have to disagree with your assessment of EOs. While they are plant-based, not everything that comes from a plant is safe. Without a full understanding of how to use EOs properly, and not just taking the advice from some MLM company consultant, you are at risk of harming...
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    Soap & Candle Making Projects

    Really?? The only health benefit of soap is to cleanse. Unless you're using food dye or crayons to color your soap, I see no health benefit to not adding any color. Are we permitted to use the term "moisturizing" on our soap labels? I didn't think we were allowed to make any claims other than...
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    Is doing M&P Cheating? Like a Box Cake Mix?

    CP soap also contains glycerin. It is a natural byproduct of the saponification process in making soap.
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    Is doing M&P Cheating? Like a Box Cake Mix?

    All soap is made with Lye, the completed product no longer contains Lye. M&P contains chemicals that allows it to be heated and reheated repeatedly. CP soap does not. I do not consider M&P handmade, no more than I would consider a body butter made using a prepared base handmade, or a lip balm...
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    Small Cavity Silicone Molds & Gel

    CPOP multi-cavity silicone molds When I CPOP small cavity silicone molds, I turn the oven to 170F but turn it off when I put the mold in the oven (yes, on a lined baking pan). I also leave the light on but for a different reason...I want to watch the gel because once the soap gels (and it only...
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    Coloring lip balm

    I've never tried it, but I heard someone scraped off a bit of lipstick and added it to their formula to add some "lip safe" color.
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    Honey as a preservative in Body Cream?

    I think you're right about them just using a base and not including the ingredients of the base on their label.... My guess is they might be adding all those ingredients listed to the base to make it their own "formula". And the "miraculous" properties of these ingredients. On the website...
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    Honey as a preservative in Body Cream?

    Admin: I was reading a thread on the CP Soap Forum about honey and I posted the comment shown below. Afterward, I realized the comment would probably have been better posted to the Bath & Body Forum, so I hope it's okay to bring it here??? Thank you. Am I being overly critical, or is there...
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    A question for all you bee keeper people :)

    Honey as a preservative? Am I being overly critical, or is there something missing here...I went to a craft show last week and out of perplexing curiosity purchased a "Skin Healing Cream" (a Miracle of Nature, the label implies) from a company - The Link Group Inc...
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    ISO of Grapefruit Dreamsicle

    Carolyn Zaha, Always good to hear your voice here and in other groups. You've been around a long time so you may be familiar...but in case not, I hope the following information is helpful to you. Cindy Gooding, who is the new (and only legitimate) owner of Southern Soapers and its trademark...