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    Used Dairy Butter. Soap Stinks!

    Add vitamin E if you want to make scars fade.
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    Used Dairy Butter. Soap Stinks!

    My question is why anyone would want to use butter or ghee to make soap when there are so many other great vegan oils to use. Why use animal products? My soap is the most wonderful soap and I never use animal products. No need to. Also why use FO when you have a bounty of wonderful real healthy...
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    Can i blend soap ingriedients together and make my own blend of soap?

    Why not instead experiment with making CP soap and mix different oils?
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    The Best Cold Process Soap Recipe?

    I have never worked with percentages in my soap recipes. I work with oz and use my same never fail recipe which uses olive, coconut, palm, crisco, coco butter, shea butter and beeswax. It's a great recipe and I never super fat, add odd oils, pour at low temps or add mica or dyes to my soap...
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    Pull Through tips & tricks.

    Where do you get the tools to make soap like this, It's amazing. What do you use for colors? I also like the soap cutter.
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    Water and fire

    Very nice work.
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    Water and fire

    Is this CP soap?
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    A few new soaps

    Your soaps are lovely with color. I also make a mocha chocolate mint soap that smells so good people want to eat it. Is the yellow soap a CP or M and P?
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    Convert "Drops" of EO to % in Blends

    In my recipe which calls for 86 oz of oils, 12 oz of lye mixed with 32 oz water, I use 4 full oz of EO. Never any less.
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    Blue or coloured EO experience, please

    You can add orris root powder to your soap and it fixes the scent of your EO so it doesn't fade. My pink grapefruit soap I made last year still smells as fresh as it did when I made it and normally citrus scents are the first to lose their scents. Add it to your EO before you heat it and then to...
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    Silicone loaf molds

    Never had a problem. I use all kinds of silicone molds and leave the soap in 18-24 hours. Perhaps it's your recipe.
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    HELP! Need a fragrance suggestions for CP soap

    EO's last for more than a year and still smell wonderful.
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    Not quite sure where to post this.. ? About my soap

    Been making soap for 25 years and I guess I'm a purist. .I've never had even one issue using EO. I find the scent is so much better and doesn't discolor my soap. Different EO's do wonders for skin conditions and other ailments. I've never had a complaint from anyone about skin issues. They just...