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    Using really old oils?

    I was going to ask that question when I got back into soaping after 4 years....but I was afraid to because I thought I'd be told "NO WAY" :shakinghead: I didn't want to throw everything out as I had such a lot. So I just used my nose instead of looking at dates. The only ones that had to go...
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    Preservative for hand cream question...

    Thanks @DeeAnna & @msunnerstood ..... made it today with 0.5%. All good :)
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    Attempt #1 Pine tar

    Just re read your response @DeeAnna.... sorry I had meant that I didn't stir the container of pine tar before I used it.
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    Attempt #1 Pine tar

    Thanks @DeeAnna... I'm thrilled if you think my soap is Okay :) I was just so worried that I'd done something major wrong when......after I added the lye I had to stir for 45 minutes before I noticed any change at all, and even then it just change from dark chocolate to milk chocolate and was...
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    Preservative for hand cream question...

    I'm about to make my first ever hand cream and the recipe calls for 6gms Optiphen Plus. I only have Germall Plus so wondering if I can substitute and if so can I use the same amount ?
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    Attempt #1 Pine tar

    DeeAnna, I wondered if you would have any idea why my pine tar did what it did last week ? I posted in "What soapy things...." #16,352. As I said in the post I followed your instructions to the letter, only tweaking the oils a bit according to what I had. The pine tar I used was 100% Pure...
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    Anxiety lol

    I certainly did last week when I was making my first batch of pine tar...!!
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    Alkanet advice anyone?

    Perhaps it's not going to be as bad as I thought :) A friend has just been around and said "...what a beautiful colour...!" It's actually a really dark navy... not quite as black as the pic.
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    Alkanet advice anyone?

    I was so looking forward to cutting my tube of alkanet soap this can see why... and what the result was :( Was really expecting to have all these magnificent royal blue bars ! Trying to trouble shoot myself, I decided perhaps I shouldn't have insulated ? Also I used 15% alkanet...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Just attempted my first Pine Tar soap anxiously waiting till morning to see if it's turned out 😬 Not at all confident though. I found DeeAnna's recipes and very detailed instructions on her website and thought I followed them to the letter.... but I obviously did something wrong...
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    Did my first pencil line!!

    I did my first pencil line the other day too. Was so excited that it actually turned out ! Thanks to @dibbles for fluid recipe and to @Jillyb for trick re pencil line. My batters were all quite pourable, I lightly dusted between the two layers with charcoal... it was a very light dust because I...
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    I was encouraged yesterday by an email I received from a friend in Dongguan, China. The virus seems to be under control there now...when I say under control I mean the lid is being kept on. She said it's back to business as usual and a lot of people have even stopped wearing face masks ! The...
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    Hand Sanitizer

    Thanks.... I'd better check up on that...I get it from a friend with a printing works who buys it commercially in big drums and I'm sure he told me it was 99.9 %. I've printed that on the label, but not critical as I don't sell it... but I may have heard him incorrectly, I'll certainly check. I...
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    Hand Sanitizer

    I mix my special formula. Using a 100 ml spritz bottle, I measure in 2 parts isopropyl alcohol, 1 part aloe juice and a about 1/4 tsp of lemongrass. I've given it to lots of people so I hope it's OK .