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    GM CP!

    I put them in the food processor for quite awhile and they looked pretty darn dusty. They ended up being bigger than I though. Try and learn :)
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    Weekend Endevers

    That all looks fantastic! I can't wait until I know how to do as much as you.
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    GM CP!

    Does honey make it darker as well? Here it is. GM, Honey, and Oatmeal. I didn't put the oatmeal on top because my kids are picky and I could see my youngest having a fit over it although I love the way it looks with it. My office smells like a Bit O' Honey bar, exactly.
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    A Bit Confuzzed--Could Someone Please Try To Help Clarify?

    I can't help you with the recipes but I use this converter for a quick answer. I just used it to convert my tbs of honey to grams. Hope it helps.
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    bubble bars

    So how did they turn out??
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    I love this idea. My close friend is a scrapping addict and we have been talking about making soap together. This would be great.
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    First soap after.......

    I'd say the break was great because that is BEAUTIFUL soap!
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    GM CP!

    I made my first batch of GM this weekend and it smells so freaking good I want to eat it up. I just cut it and will get some photos tomorrow. I added my GM after I mixed my oils and lye mixture but still got some orange coloring. Honestly though I think it is beautiful and I just want to fast...
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    Well not beautiful

    Thanks everyone! I am officially becoming an addict and just finished my fourth batch. I am actually dreaming about soap!! I got annoyed the other day at a craft shop when I asked about soaping supplies and the lady practically had her eyes roll out of her head when she replied that "making...
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    Recipe for Eczema

    Thanks so much everyone for the great responses. I really want to start trying natural things and get him off the creams.
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    My first love....

    Wow, those are amazing! I love them. You are very talented.
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    Recipe for Eczema

    I really would like to make a soap that has been tested and found to be a good soap instead of experimenting with my nine year old's skin. His eczema is getting SO bad he is digging it open even with the meds they have him on. Does anyone have one they wouldn't mind sharing with me? This...
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    Good Morning Everyone!

    Can't wait to get to know you! I'm about an hour away and lived in Manassas for awhile as a kid. My sister is there now.
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    You might be a soaper if:

    You might be becoming a soaper if: You wonder why everyone in the store is staring at you until you realize you've left the house with safety goggles on your head. You are anxiously awaiting your tax rebate check to hit the bank so you can buy the things you want to try and not just the...
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    Palm Oil Alternatives

    Glad I did a search since I do not want to use Palm oil for this reason. Thanks for posting.