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    Double Batch Help

    30 Bar Recipe: Olive Oil = 65.04 oz 60% Coconut Oil =21.68 oz 20% Palm Kernel Oil Flakes = 21.68 oz 20% Lye Discount of 5% Lye = 14.95 oz Goat Milk = 31.81 oz Now this recipe has worked perfect for many many batches. It traces within 10 minutes of mixing with stick blender. I...
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    Large Batches of Goat Milk Soap

    I went ahead and just made a double batch. No issues with the lye getting too hot. It dissolved the lye just fine, but after mixing with a drill and squirrel cage it would not come to a trace like normal. It took approx. 3 times longer. Is it possible that my lye was too cold? Sorry I did...
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    Large Batches of Goat Milk Soap

    Liquid ewenique: The problem I have here is I want to maintain the 1 oz per bar of goat milk. If I use the water with the lye I have to subtract the goat milk.
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    Large Batches of Goat Milk Soap

    We are wanting to increase production from 5 lb batches to 10 lb batches. I understand I can mix a lye water solution, but want to keep approx. 1 oz of milk per bar. Has anyone ever had any issues mixing this much lye and goat milk together? We currently freeze our goat milk and mix with the...