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    I'm baaaack....

    I got pretty into this a couple of years ago, gifted a lot, even sold some, but then life got in the way (as it so often does), and I stopped. I was at the Pink Palace Crafts Fair here in Memphis today (doing a radio broadcast), and ended up buying some soap from some nice folks from Kentucky...
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    Additions in masterbatch lye?

    I'm thinking mostly about SL and silk, since I use SL in most batches, and silk is a pain to dissolve without lye (IME). I was considering making multiple masterbatches with different additives, but at that point you're probably negating the time savings anyway. Thanks for the input!
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    Additions in masterbatch lye?

    I've used masterbatched lye and oils for my last several batches, and it's been great. I'm using just a straight 50:50 lye and water mix, and mixed any additives in the additional water. I'm about to make a new lye masterbatch, and I'm wondering which additives (silk, SL, sugar, salt, etc.) I...
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    Soaper's Choice's Website is Down

    They require you to register and give up a bunch of information BEFORE YOU CAN EVEN SEE THE PRICES. I've been shopping online since, well, since you could shop online, and I've never seen this before. I've been compiling a spreadsheet of prices from online suppliers, but the line for Soaper's...
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    Honey and wax

    I apologize, I'm sure this subject has been covered in detail, but I'm a little lost in the search function. I'm a beekeeper, I have a bunch of honey and wax. I'm just starting in this, but I've mostly noticed cautions against using both. I realize I'm probably opening a can of worms here, but...
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    Hi from Memphis

    Hi folks, just getting into this. Have made a few melt and pour batches, given a lot away ("so, you're making....soap, now?"). Planning on making first CP this weekend. Maybe HP also (to wife "see, I KNEW that old Crockpot would come in handy!") I mostly do woodwork, also gardener and beekeeper...