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    Dental soap

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    Dental soap

    I used stevia powder in a lip balm I made one time & it tasted awesome except the colour made it look mouldy.
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    Dental soap

    Okay, I made a 4 oz batch using peppermint extract instead of eo. I used honey also instead of xylitol because it is more natural & I don't want to find out the hard way that I have an intolerance to xylitol (I have a lot of allergies). However, I did CP it, so, I'll hold off trying it for as...
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    Dental soap

    What about if you used extracts that you'd use in cooking or baking? Like peppermint extract or what-have-you?
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    Shampoo Bar - Thanks Lindy!!

    Wow, this is an incredibly informative post on shampoo bars! I tried the no poo method with acv rinse almost 2 years ago & it was okay, but, I just couldn't get used to not lathering my hair. So, I hopped back & forth between commercial shampoo & no poo for a while until I started making my own...
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    I survived making my 1st beer soap

    That's a great looking soap!
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    Salt Bar with Avocado Oil

    I think they look gorgeous!
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    Dental soap

    That was the old way of thinking. I saw my dentist a few years ago & mentioned a mark on one of my teeth. She said it was sort of like a scar from a tooth that had started to form a cavity & then healed itself. I asked her to clarify. I'd always been told that you couldn't "heal" a cavity. But...
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    Red wine facial soap w/ oat flour - Recipe advice

    Interesting! It looks lovely.
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    "newbie" trying to figure out recipes

    Wow Carolyn, that's impressive! (And thanks!)
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    "newbie" trying to figure out recipes

    Sorry Skatergirl, I should have been more specific. Chicklett's posted the link to it anyways.:)
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    Instead of standing for hours steaming bars...

    That sounds more like body issues than locale issues. I grew up in a burb of Vancouver & don't have any such issues, neither do any of my friends. Def some body or cleanliness issue.
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    castile soap

    Yes, I will be looking for an alternative. I might just melt down some of the bits of my own soap, stick blend them & try that.
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    castile soap

    I was using dish detergent for a short time, & before that a thicker liquid soap & had not had the problem of the soap going off. So far it has been only with the Bronner's. As I mentioned, the problem I've had with the other liquid soaps has been the pump getting a bit sticky which is why I...
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    Just "Plain Lye Soap"

    My understanding of "plain old lye soap" is that it's simply lard, lye & water. I have a couple of friends with minor skin problems who will only use "plain lye soap". I like the looks of your recipe though!