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    Rules saddle soap or non cosmetic soap?

    I was asked by a friend to make a saddle soap to sell in their new boutique adventure. It would be a soap meant for the cleansing of leather and biothane products, probably small scale and mostly local to regional exposure. There is no retail location, it's online (mostly facebook right now...
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    You could experiment with liquid body washes if that is their preference. Keep the bar soap as a hand wash soap. Iirc, working in skin care, an enormous amount of the consumer base uses liquid body washes, like 92%. Don't be discouraged. Keep doing what makes you happy. Maybe find someone else...
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    FOs in storage?

    Contacting the manufacturer would be best, if you don't have MSDS information. BB I know is easy because they list it on their website. I imagine the FO's flashpoint would be a large indicator on how to ship and store them. DH and I were looking into SC as a place to move in a few years. The...
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    Trading out CO for Babassu and trying Tallow, both firsts

    In a different thread, we went over that one already. Tallow Recipe 8% SF. We'll see in a few weeks if it's overly drying.
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    Trading out CO for Babassu and trying Tallow, both firsts

    Thank you KristaY! I just checked. It is mid oleic! :mrgreen:
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    Trading out CO for Babassu and trying Tallow, both firsts

    I read somewhere in my searches on SMF that a few soapers really like adding a little bit of Sunflower Oil to their Olive Oil. I plug in HO Sunflower in the calculator because I have the "Great for Frying" oil, and assume HO as what I have read somewhere else on SMF. I originally did not want...
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    Trading out CO for Babassu and trying Tallow, both firsts

    At this point in time the babassu oil has cost me less than the coconut, because of source. About $16-17 for 30oz (Bulk Apothecary) vs $18-19 for 29oz of coconut (Krogers). If this is the general opinion, I'll scrap this and go with my original planned tallow recipe instead. Thank you.
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    Trading out CO for Babassu and trying Tallow, both firsts

    I'm nervous about this one. I have Babassu being delivered tomorrow, and I have some self rendered Tallow sitting in the freezer. I have not used either in soap before. I was playing with SoapCalc and really paying attention to my fatty acid property numbers. I like the numbers I have come up...
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    Disinfecting and best practices

    I'm with Steve85569. I keep a totally separate set of ware and utensils that does not get shared across food making or eating. At best, they get double washed (before use and after use) with antibacterial dish soap. I keep my work area (kitchen island) clean enough to eat and prep food on. I...
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    Crock pot temp

    When I rendered suet into tallow, after I turned off my crockpot, and poured the tallow into a bowl, the temperature reading of the tallow was 250 degrees F. That was the low setting. When I watched a youtube video on rendering, the guys crockpot was only 200 degrees F. There is temperature...
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    Cure Time Question

    I have various forms of leather in my household. Leather boots, motorcycle jackets, horseback riding saddles (and all of its associated gear x4). You can get leather cleaning soap (aka saddlesoap) in a can, in a bar, or in a bottle (liquid). It's just a really gentle cleanser that isn't very...
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    Cure Time Question

    How long do you cure soap for that is not intended for hand or body use, but intended for cleansing products like laundry or leather soap? I've recently bought a handmade soap, meant to be a low foam, no residue cleansing saddle soap. After reading the company blog, I'm under the impression...
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    Infusing lilac

    I grew up with a lilac bush outside of my bedroom window. I miss the smell every spring/summer. I've visually mistaken crepe myrtles for lilacs before in the south. All those dark pink busy trees along the highways and in peoples front yards. Supposedly lilacs don't do as well around here...
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    Please - tell me why - I'm so grossed out !

    I've had rats and mice. Classic spring traps and peanut butter have been golden remedies for me. I've killed 2 rats with 1 trap before. They love my kitchen. They've never gone after my soap before though. :think: So I keep the traps active in my cabinets now and check on them once a week or...
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    Calendula and Honey CP

    No idea. It's the first time I've ever made it.