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    Bath Salt EO question

    The salt will absorb the EO. Having said that, I'm with you in that it seems wrong adding EO and only EO directly to a dry bath salt. I can only speculate why it wouldn't be "wrong". Perhaps the EO's ability to penetrate the skin is limited by the salt. Salt dissolves slower in water than...
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    Bath bomb problems!!

    You might want to try using aloe vera juice. Or maybe try half aloe vera juice and half 99.9% alcohol.
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    Infrared thermometer for measuring body AND food temperatures

    Perfect! Thank you for the advice and recommendation! Will definitely check out ThermoWorks.
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    Infrared thermometer for measuring body AND food temperatures

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a touchless infrared thermometer that can accurately measure body temperature as well as food/liquid surface temperatures? Some thermometers on Amazon claim to do this but I'm suspicious of them - I don't see how an infrared thermometer that claims to...
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    The word association game

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    I don't make soap... yet.

    Hi. I'm new to the forum. I finally ran out of things to do around the house during the pandemic so I decided to start making "stuff" with my small 10ml bottles of essential oils. But I don't make soap... yet. Instead of making soap, I've been making lip balm, lotion, body butter, hair...