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    Too gooey and cloddy

    Is this the Stephenson brand of donkey milk soap base? Or the one from Hobby Lobby?
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    Other organic colorants

    I love adding dragonfruit powder to my smoothies so they turn bright pink. Thought I'd try adding it to clear melt and pour soap base. Stayed a very dark pink for a few hours and the next day it was brown. So it doesn't color soap, just food!
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    Crumbling Melt And Pour Base

    It's even easier to cut up, so that's an advantage!
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    How to keep separate colors/layers

    That is gorgeous! :)
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    Any ideas on how to make this?

    I think that's a gorgeous mold. I'd recommend getting an infrared thermometer [they're about $12 at Amazon] so you know the temp you're pouring at. Generally, M&P soap melts around 130 degrees F. Also, make at least one or two plain batches of soap just so you get a feel for M&P.
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    Help required - suggest organic additives to prevent sweating in melt and pour soap

    I recommend SFIC's low-sweat soap base. The white is even less inclined to sweat than the clear. The company's located in California, near San Francisco. Here's their website:
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    I jokingly called myself the Midnight Soaper. I've also been a Midnight Baker! Nighttime is the best time for creativity! :)
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    Best Base to Use?

    I highly recommend the SFIC and Stephenson's brands. Crafters Choice is another good one, as are M&P soap bases from Essentials by Catalina. It's good to test different brands, so you and get the feel for what you prefer and what seems to work the best. You can choose bases with additives in...
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    How to keep separate colors/layers

    Practice with different methods. The first pour is easy. The second is harder to gauge if you don't have a thermometer. Make sure it's hard and you can test this by gently pushing the mold a bit. Does it move? If not, it's ready for the second layer. If using a thermometer, a temperature of...
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    Karma Chameleon

    Looks much better than Lush's soap.
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    Which EO go well with what FO?

    The only EO/FO combo I've ever done is bay rum FO with a dash of lime EO. It's really nice.
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    Salt additives for M & P

    I'd also suggest taking notes for each batch of soap you make. Note the date, amount of soap, amount of additives, type of fragrance and where you bought it, the mold you used, how long it melted, and anything else you observe.
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    Salt additives for M & P

    Thank you for sharing this incident with us so that others can learn from it. I've found that adding a small amount of Pink Himalayan salt to the soap base is a very nice additive. However, I only add up to 1 Tablespoon per pound of soap base.
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    How did you find us?

    I was a member of The Dish Forum for many years. I got involved in other things for a while, and when I searched for it on Google, this place turned up!
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    What went wrong?

    You can add milk to melt and pour soap base. However, it must be POWDERED milk. I only add about 1 teaspoon per pound & the finished soap has a richer lather. I also add the powdered milk at the beginning so it'll mix well with the soap base.