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    Soapmaking Friend - Part 4

    I've got a recipe I'm about to try that uses half and half as the liquid, also have some I'd like to try with goat's milk and other "dairy" products. I see goat milk, but not cow's milk in the custom ingredients list. And regarding coconut milk - since it is now available in milk cartons in the...
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    Tallow ho!

    For those who do not hunt or have easy access to fat/trimmings, try visiting whatever grocery store in your area has a butcher counter and ask if you can have fat trimmings. Everything MUST be cleaned up/disposed of in the meat department, on a daily basis, so you'd need to have a plan: Bring a...
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    Tallow ho!

    I work in a grocery that has a butcher counter. I just brought home 12+ pounds of ground grass fed beef fat trimmings, that would have otherwise been thrown out. I rendered it out to about 4 lbs of meat (would be great for dogs, I suppose, my cats thought it was okay), and a bit over 8 lbs of...
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    Soapmaking Friend - Part 4

    Can you make the "Total Batch Weight" line in bold or highlighted somehow? It's sort of buried in the list.
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    Soapmaking Friend - Part 4

    So I just printed out a recipe of mine that I'd saved and the PRINTED page has a section for "Additional Ingredients" just above the "Notes" but I can't seem to get to that section in the online SMF?
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    Is there a shampoo bar thread? ... and, regarding conditioner bars

    I've been using my own shampoo bars for almost 2 years - I've got fine, thin hair and I haven't noticed any "waxy buildup." I use apple cider vinegar as a rinse (to close follicles), followed by a moisturizing coconut milk spray. My hair is short, so perhaps that's the difference - no length to...
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    1 stick blender, many colors

    I work from no color to colored portions with the blender (or light to dark colors). Would wash between soap batches. I've never made more than one batch at a time.
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    Hi! I never introduced myself.

    I'm Pam, from Central Virigina (transplant from Baltimore, MD). I began soaping a couple years ago with mixed success. I started soaping with the specific goal of making shampoo bars. I was active on Mystic Mountain Sage forum - I see that that is gone, and only the online store and blog...
  9. LionLady Take 3!

    Tried this morning to save a new recipe, but the only tab that appears now is "samples" - I'm guessing that the saved folder issue is now being addressed! Yay!
  10. LionLady Take 3!

    It seems that Dawni is having the same thing happen... Okay. I've been using this for a bit now. I'm not quite adept at any of the soap calculators, so bear with me. I had loaded (saved?) about 5 recipes in my account. I've been puttering around with ingredients, saving/naming each recipe, and...
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    Want to, but haven't started yet!

    Welcome! You sound like me, a craft artist and creative 'putterer.' I sew, crochet, bead and make jewelry! I spend a lot of time in the kitchen baking, and making goodies.
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    Don't see the word in the 'glossary' thread. I'm guessing that it means hot process?
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    First ever CP batch - is it ok?

    The link works for me, but I've got Evernote. That could be the issue?
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    Round 2 -

    Thanks, I suspected as much. Some other lye calculators list virgin coconut oil separately. I guess that's to make the calc more user friendly. How do I change the heading "New Recipe" to what I'm making? I've got two print outs of soaps, that say "New Recipe" - can't figure out how to enter...
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    Round 2 -

    Just now putting together a soap recipe... I use virgin coconut oil, cause that's what I've generally got on hand. Can that be added?