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    I started this thread as a way to share our experiences and to check in with each other and now I have just read the last few pages with increasing anger. This forum is NOT the place for politics, conspiracy theories, misinformation or anti vaxx platforms. There are plenty of places elsewhere...
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    Hi from Scotland

    Quite a few UK shapers on here now, good to have one more!
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    Hi The one loads of people use is Cosmetic Safety Assessmenrs but you are looking at 3+ weeks for a response to an email and the same again for the assessment. You can try naturally balmy for a premade recipe or soap posh but you are tied to their recipes/fragrance. Expect to pay about £180...
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    Lye & Labels ????

    My apologies, I completely misread your comment about the cost of assessments.
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    Lye & Labels ????

    I wasnt going to respond to this thread again given it seems to have deteriorated into a slanging match but I do want to stick up for uk regs, laws. Whilst I understand you may be a chemist and believe you are complying with the law, I trust you are registered to provide safety assessments...
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    Fragrance oil

    You can only use a max of 3% if you are selling (personal use is different) or the max recommended amount as listed on IFRA, whichever is lower. Essential oils are different, each oil can gave its own max amount and some are less than 1%.
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    Lye & Labels ????

    I have to say reading the US responses to legislation and labelling makes me smile. We cannot sell without a cosmetic safety assessment, your physical address must be on labels, ingredients are always INCI names and listed as provided by a cosmetic chemist. Oh and you must have a physical...
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    I made a boob with my lye solution

    Unless you have a septic tank you can put in down the sink. Sodium hydroxide is often used as drain cleaner
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    At the risk if showing my ignorance, what is a pierogy? We don't have them in the UK..
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    Milk Candles

    My only thought was why? What does the milk add to candle??
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    CP Soap seems much more expensive to make than melt and pour?

    You can't compare the two like for like, they are very different products and have very different appeal. You don't really need fancy oils to create a good soap but its not something that's cheap either. You need to factor in oils, lye, water, fragrance, colour, your time as well as overheads...
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    You will need to familiarise yourself with CLP as well as the standard legal niceties such as weights etc.
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    EO usage rate in dry ingredients

    Yes,3-5% of total ingredients.
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    EO usage rate in dry ingredients

    You could work on standard skin safe 3% and see if that's strong enough - if it was me I would be heading for 3-5% depending on the EO but it also depend on if I could calculate allergens for CLP as well.
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    Fragrance Oil Concentration Question

    Yes in general they're taking 4-6 weeks even if you go direct to the assessors!