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  1. Liesel Atwood

    coconut cream

    I love using coconut cream in my recipes too! I recently bought a case of canned coconut milk, and thought it had no additives. Now I've discovered that there is guar gum in it. So when I opened a can, all the solid fats/coconut meat? are in a solid white mass, with a slippery, almost clear...
  2. Liesel Atwood

    Will sugar help lather in a salt bar?

    My apologies...I should have addressed my first question above to new12soap. I got confused by the name attached to the recipe, which is Irish Lass. It was new12soap who wrote the comment I responded to, about Irish Lass' soap recipe. But of course, I'm happy to hear from anyone. :) Now...
  3. Liesel Atwood

    Will sugar help lather in a salt bar?

    Hi! No, I completely forgot the castor oil! LOL! I superfatted at 20%, but I'm thinking 15% might have been better. Would you consider 20% "super high"? It will eventually be a fisherman's soap; or just a spa bar if I can't get it to lather in salt water. The bars are beautifully hard...
  4. Liesel Atwood

    Will sugar help lather in a salt bar?

    I made my Soleseife bars this evening - just 1 lb for testing. Using 25 % Himalayan salt in the lye water, and a lot of stirring, I noticed that some of the salt still hadn't dissolved. Maybe this was due to the addition of 1 oz of frozen rosehip water I made last year. I'm thinking the water...
  5. Liesel Atwood

    A Cream Soap Tutorial

    I am so happy to find this recipe! Cream soap is the loveliest thing! I wonder if there is anyone who can help me troubleshoot with a different recipe I used. Last year, just before the pandemic hit, I made a batch of cream (whipped soap) using a recipe provided by the gal over at Soaping...
  6. Liesel Atwood

    Using Coconut Cream in Soap

    What brand of coconut cream do you buy? Where I live (NS) I can get coconut milk,(I get it in a can) but there is nothing with "cream" on the label.
  7. Liesel Atwood

    Alternatives to Coconut Oil?

    Hey there! So, in reference to the coconut oil and PKO being used interchangeably, is it possible to make a 100% coconut oil soap but substitute part of the C.O for PKO? I suppose it wouldn't be 100 % coconut oil soap! What I'm wondering is, would a soap like that still need to...
  8. Liesel Atwood

    Ricing! What's the worst that can happen?

    KiwiMoose, Hey there! Your swirls are so pretty! But, if you aren't happy with the results, have you considered rebatching? I realize you would lose your design, but possibly you could colour or lighten a portion of the batter to try and achieve some sort of colour contrast that pleases you...
  9. Liesel Atwood

    100% Coconut Oil Soap Not Tracing!

    Hello everyone! So, I just wanted to chime in here with an observation that may or may not be part of the tracing problem, omdougherty. The temperature of my house is often very hot...too hot for me! I'm talking anywhere from 75-82 F. Phew! And on those hot days (someone loves to fill up...
  10. Liesel Atwood

    Does anybody like unscented soap?

    That's a very good point, earlene.!
  11. Liesel Atwood

    Does anybody like unscented soap?

    I'm a sucker for pure white soap! I enjoy using milks, oats or clay...a pure soap seems like such a luxury! But as much as I want to love unscented soap, I'm always disappointed with the "unscented scent", if you know what i mean. No smell is fine.. I like that, for the reason that Michele M...
  12. Liesel Atwood

    Rose infused cp soap

    Thanks for the encouragement. Artemis! I may give it a try....or add some mica just in case. Hopefully the infused oil will retain some of the skin loving properties after saponification. Dried calendula has always worked well for me when infused into the oil and then soaped with. Fresh...
  13. Liesel Atwood

    Rose infused cp soap

    Thanks for the heads up, Obsidian! I'm glad to know that in advance. Probably won't try the rose puree after all. What about the dark pink rose water(for the lye/water )....will that retain any of it's pinkness after saponifcation? Is it likely to turn brown as well?
  14. Liesel Atwood

    Rose infused cp soap

    Thanks for your advice, shunt2011! I have never used fresh botanicals for the very reasons you've mentioned, so this would be a first for me..if I actually do it. It would be a test batch, for sure! But, if it seems likely that it will turn brown anyway, I'm not sure I want to waste my...