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    Patchoulli Oil Question

    OK, so, I was looking at the IFRA sheet for the WSP and ALL the slots say NO LIMIT. So, does that mean A- You are not supposed to ever use it? B- There is no limit and you can use it in any strength C- the IFRA sheet has a mistake? Thanks to anyone who can help with an answer. Or if...
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    Happy with new colorants!

    I love their micas!!!!! They are pretty much all I will use now.
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    Gilding Soap?

    Has anyone ever applied gold leaf to soap either before or after saponification? If so, any tips?
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    ED frustration

    Sorry have to vent.... So, I like ED especially their essentials... So, it's been annoying to me that for the last few weeks, because they are swapping over their labels, I haven't been able to get most of what I need. So, today was they day they are supposed to go live. So, I go on to...
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    Soap samples - do you hand them out at shows?

    IF you are in a regular location, and/or have a good selling website, YES samples help- but it's all in when and how. My partner and I are selling, we do a few things- this is at farmers markets often with SLOW traffic. 1- We always stand up and greet anyone who walks by. 2- We put it...
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    How do you calculate your cost per bar?

    Found the link to the spread sheets.... It was on one of her videos: http://ziggurat.org/soap/calculators/
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    I get flustered in public. =(

    Yeah- the last few examples you gave sound like they had very little to do with YOU and everything to do with some people acting inappropriately. A disapproving look and shaking your head at them like you would a bad child, and then turn away from them. People touching... if it's BAD...
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    I get flustered in public. =(

    In terms of the sexually demeaning remarks- I am not sure exactly what was meant by that. Personally, I think anyone who makes sexual remarks to a stranger in a public place like a market should be met with a shocked glance, followed by a "I'm sorry, that was not appropriate!" If it goes...
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    I get flustered in public. =(

    You could also do the direct approach, depending on how revealing you wish to be. "Yes, and I have a lot of challenges socially- so this is a -good attitude only- zone. You have to be nice and kind, or the soap will reject you and you have to leave." Said with a smile and wink of course...
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    What brand of tent should I get for outdoor shows?

    If you have a Sams club, the tent they have for $199 (They usually call it their professional tent or commercial tent) and is either an EZ up or Z shelter (Made by EZ up) and it is one of the best tents in that price range. Tricks to keep your tent in good shape for years: NEVER put it...
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    How do you calm lye phobics

    By definition, if it's soap, it was made using lye to turn the oils into soap. But just like the oil is no longer oil- you wouldn't cook with my Olive Oil Soap- The Lye has been changed too. What's left is Soap. IF there was still Lye in it, that would be bad. Also, I use food grade lye...
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    kombucha soap

    Kombucha is basically vinegar- won't that make the chemistry "Wonky"?
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    Build a Repoire with your Market Manager

    Oh yes! At one of the markets I attend, I've become Deputy Manager (Basically I watch over things if the manager can't be there) So i only have to deal with Day-Of stuff. BUT.... Believe me, that's plenty. She also has to deal with all the rest. Your Market manager is your best friend...
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    You know you're a crazy soap person when...

    You come home from work and order a pizza because you don't want to cook. And while you are waiting for it to arrive you "cook" a batch of soap!
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    Lala Essential Oils

    Interesting... thanks for your help.