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    What is everyone "cooking" this weekend?

    Hi I just ordered fron BB the (Ocean Moss) FO.. Has anyone ever used this FO?? Do you like it?? good , bad??? Who has extra FO's for sale??? Close outs ?? cleaning out ?? Let me know!!
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    Can this be saved? Not enough Lye

    How can you rebatch when you didn't put enough lye? It looks like salve.. can this be saved? Should have been 10.oz lye oops .I only used 8.oz
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    Clays - do they actually do anything?

    I tried to post a pic of my soap dish twice .. it will not post it.. I went to browse and down load. Whats the trick???
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    Clays - do they actually do anything?

    I found this old Handmade Soap dish wall hanger at a yard sale when I went to AZ. in Oct.. Just wanted to share!! I have only been making my own soaps regular for almost a year now... I look around for items like this to show of my soaps...I enjoy making and using my soap.. I also give it as...
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    Clays - do they actually do anything?

    Has anyone ever used the Aztec Secret -Indain Healing Clay In their soaps? Thanks! Leah
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    Cigar Bands?

    Do you need to let the pumpkin cure longer??
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    Cigar Bands?

    Thanks so much Paul.. I would have to cancel my trip if they took all my soap.. I'm taking 81 bars on the plane.. Checking it in baggage. It would kill me if they took all of my soap that I am so proud of..LOL Also , would the pumkin rot without a preservative in the soap???
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    Cigar Bands?

    H Hi Panda, Can you Please send me the cigar band for the MS Word?? I'm leaving for Arizona to see My Family.. Would like to have nice lables on my soap for gifts.. This will be the first time my mom and sisters have used my soap.. I have been bragging about it to them for a few weeks...
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    Little bit more mushy soap

    Do you use a preservative in your goat milk soap?? Thanks, Leah
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    new here and a question to all

    Wonderful!!! I would be intrested in molds that Read SOAP, HOMEMADE, AND OR GOAT MILK .. Let me know when you plan to start making the molds..W/ price Leah
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    New soap maker FL

    I live 30 miles west of Ocala and Gainsville.. Do you have a web page??
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    New soap maker FL

    Thank you Irena, Do you have a specialty soap that you make?? Paul is the goat milk and lavender soap KING!!! LOL
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    New soap maker FL

    It would be nice if the buds opened when added at trace.. lol