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    How do YOU read SMF?

    thanks all for your answers! I'll definitely get myself working using the tips you propose, and the first thing i do is create a DeeAnna and Irish Lass folder!!
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    How do YOU read SMF?

    I've been looking for some good applications for One Note - i think this might be a good one!
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    How do YOU read SMF?

    Hello fellow soapers! So I've been out of the loop for over a year now - these darn responsibilities were keeping me away from the important things - and now I come back, like the prodigal son! Even my SMF membership expired :cry: Anyway, as I dust off my soapmaking equipment and get my...
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    Partial Gel Surprise

    so late to my own party (sorry folks, I was passed out in the bathroom for over a year now :)), but @SuzieOz, those are awesome!!
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    packaging rant

    coconut is the most frustrating for me, but as dixiedragon says it melts at 72 degrees, so while i work in the cold basement, i keep it upstairs the night before so it softens a little. for the FO/EOs I first pour into a measuring spoon (i.e. tablespoon) and then pour that into the oil mixture...
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    Partial Gel Surprise

    Thanks for the compliments! That is an awesome idea!
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    SMF March Challenge- Whipped Soap

    just came in here to say what dibbles said about newbie's carving: that. is. AWE. SOME.
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    Testing Extra Virgin vs Pomace Olive Oil

    thank you for this! I've always wanted to compare the feel of OO and OOPomace. However, my main concern is the use of chemicals to extract the oil. While it's very possible that there is no trace of chemical left and/or any chemical residue has no impact on the skin, I'd rather stick with...
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    Curious if anyone has tried this

    the best way to speed the cure is to make soap regularly every week - soon you'll have more soap to test than there are days in the week, and you'll find yourself taking 2 showers a day or using 2-3 soaps per shower! :) or you can put your mould in the freezer, conveniently forget that you...
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    Where do you soap?

    i'm such a wreck in the kitchen that i've flooded the floor boiling water. there's also the time I nearly burned the house down trying to deep-fry potatoes for superbowl (and I typically don't even watch the football) so i stick to the garage. this way I have time to hide all the evidence. I've...
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    What is sodium citrate?

    is it just me, or does all this talk about sodium citrate put you in the mood for lemonade? :)
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    Trying to study for exam and come across this

    also, is that a -45% superfat?? the SafeSoap Company is not going to be in business for long!
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    SMF March Challenge- Whipped Soap

    really awesome video, by the way!
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    SMF March Challenge- Whipped Soap

    is it just me or did anyone else have the Benny Hill theme song in their head every time the video sped up :)
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    Partial Gel Surprise

    thanks for the kind words! I agree as the "makers" we quickly see the faults.