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  1. LaToya

    Galaxy Soap

    @midnightsoaper I am truly at a lost for words. You have blown my mind yet once again. .
  2. LaToya

    Post your Gripe

    @lenarenee I am not sure about out there but here in VA Amazon uses Amazon Flex Drivers. We work for them but we choose when and how long. I've done it, but from my experience I can't see how a person would be able to mark a package as delivered when you are not at the location. The Flex Driver...
  3. LaToya

    This makes me cringe!

    @KiwiMoose I dont think that it was that bad. Seemed like she was rushing but had she left all of it there... that would have been a different story. I am still waiting on her to wipe the middle where the two soap molds meet lol:rolleyes: Im kind of surprised at how the soap turned out. Looked...
  4. LaToya

    How much do you spend on packaging/labels?

    @Teri Collins any pics? this sounds very crafty! @MadTeddyBear Nice! Pics?
  5. LaToya

    Oils in jugs....

    @candleattic I think I have learned my lesson @jbedaded Yes I have seen just how convenient they are! Noted. @Misschief Nice suggestions! Thanks
  6. LaToya

    Fragrance Oil Review Chart Link

    This spreadsheet has been a huge help! Thank you!
  7. LaToya

    Oils in jugs....

    @MGM Whoa you've had flames? Thats scarey
  8. LaToya

    Oils in jugs....

    @shunt2011 If you are not using the whole jug what are you storing the rest in? @MadTeddyBear manufacturer says not to microwave it but let it soak in hot water. I'm trying to figure out how long its going to take to melt. I feel like I need to know this before I start working on my first batch...
  9. LaToya

    Oils in jugs....

    So what is the best way to melt this oil? For some reason I am nervous about getting it out, I don't want to melt the container. I've never had oil come in this kind of jug. It's solid at room temperature. Help! Advice please.
  10. LaToya

    Random Picture thread (non-soap)

    @shunt2011 She is gorgeous!!! And she is bolder than me because I would be running away. I am scare of frogs even the baby ones. @Relle Ummm Nope! Garter snake - great soap colours.
  11. LaToya

    Soap unmolding and cutting

    This may be only a temporary fix suggestion for that moment when you realize that it is already happening - Stick it in the freezer then try again later.
  12. LaToya

    doggie haircut

    She must have really cleaned up well! I would have loved a pic.
  13. LaToya

    First drop swirl

    Wow this is really beautiful! Great work.
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    The word association game

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    Website issues

    Is anyone having trouble? I'm noticing the pages are timing out, not pulling up, not processing, am I the only one having this problem?