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    Picking a Font

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    Curry plant Helichrysum italicum leaf infusion

    I've been growing a curry plant in a large bucket and infusing its scented leaves in oil to make face cream. Although it doesn't grow in Mediterranean climate its scent is strong and comes out nice in cream. I use the cream myself and also suppply it to a few other persons. Now, whereas I also...
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    Wax melts and sachets

    My go-to solution is a good old metal double pointed knitting needle. I heat it over flame to red hot and pierce anything except metal.
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    Tobacco leaf infused water in CP soap??

    Methinks the debate is about nicotine concentrations that are most unlikely to occur when using (tobacco) soap.
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    SMF Challenge November 2021 - Rainbows

    This reminds me of the rebatch I made to use my daughter's residual slices of all kinds of soap she uses, some of my own bits/shavings and a bar or two of my failings. Now, the failed soap I used was "a piece of raw meat", the colour quite intense which was to become lollipop soap. I added some...
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    I'm interested in local sources of fats/oils

    When I bought lard (rendered) in a food department it smelled delicious to prepare food with but I wouldn't like my soap to smell like food. What is chemically regarded impurities in a substance is what imparts the delicious taste and/or odour to food, and I like it BTW. However, it is most...
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    Inlay vs embed

    Thank you @Dawni and @glendam for your explanation. I did understand "inlay" as intarsia in woodwork but the "embed" was more ambiguous: I didn't expect it could be completely hidden in a soap loaf as well as stick out. P.S. But then does a longish embed in a loaf of soap become an inlay, being...
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    Inlay vs embed

    I must admit I don't know the difference between soap inlay and embed - if there be any?
  9. Mil pretopljeno viber_image_2021-11-09_12-08-17-828.jpg

    Mil pretopljeno viber_image_2021-11-09_12-08-17-828.jpg

    My daughter likes my soaps (and so do her five boys). Today I gave her three rebatched bars. She immediately placed them all to use and even sent me this picture of a bar that to me looks rather rustic, with an inlay (or is it embed - I don't understand the difference) and with heavy ash on top.
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    Should I lower super fat on this and any other comment.

    gww, you have 30 % chicken fat and 45 % lard, that is 75 % slow moving fats. How long did it take to come to trace?
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    Soap in use

    My OPW bars behave well and look somehow even prettier than before use; made of tallow, lard, olive oil, cocont oil, sunflower oil
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    stick blender question

    I don't use a bell stick blender (I don't have one) but use an immersion stick blender with a 4-part whisk.
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    Overpour concern?

    The EOs are volatile at normal conditions and the vapours may affect the plastic wrap. You might wish to check the plastic in case you decide to use it.
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    What Disliking an EO Says About You

    I've always strongly disliked the smell of coca cola. The dislike grew to aversion when I was pregnant and washed glasses with remnant coke with hot water.