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    Soaper's Choice's Website is Down

    new SC website I went to see if the website is up and it is, in a redesigned form. I think the update is not complete yet, no shopping cart yet. but it gave me an option to register which is new and I did. I should've known better:headbanging: than to register on an incomplete site. its showing...
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    Soaper's Choice's Website is Down

    That's cool DeeAnna. Also, on my trip to Costco yesterday I found a gallon tub of that refined organic CO that someone was talking about, for 15$. So, may be try at your local Costco?
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    Scared to do hot process. What are the benefits?

    I never had a volcano but I also never used full water even for hp, I mostly use 33% lye concentration. I don't know if that's the reason though. I also don't stir while cooking.My soap just quietly goes to gel, at which point I add my fragrance and mold it up. My soaps don't warp too much, only...
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    new to soap

    Welcome to the forum. There's a lot of great information here but more importantly we have great people here that are ever willing to guide the new soapers thru their first ever batch or help troubleshoot your 100th batch. These are just awesome people. Since you intend to ask questions, this is...
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    Scared to do hot process. What are the benefits?

    Plant material mostly turns brown, people with experience say. Only calendula doesn't. Orange doesn't stick any better with hot process, but it's flash point is so low, you have to really cool the batter down before adding, which would complicate things. Ask me how I know The soap, even after...
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    Soap related humor & MEMES with soap on their mind

    This was me in pretty much every class during my college( as in senior high and grad school ). Guess I used to focus too much. Even now I fall asleep with any length of serious reading, including some of Irishlass and DeeAnna's posts:neutral:
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    My handmade soap is making my skin feeling dry

    if you read through this forums many threads, the recurring theme is that soap cleans without drying too much. it DOES NOT moisturize and you absolutely need to moisturize if you have dry skin, especially in the winter with dry air and heaters.
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    My handmade soap is making my skin feeling dry

    Your recipe seems fine, only thing I might add is to add chelation if you happen to have hard water. Like citric acid with extra lye to account for it or EDTA. And I don't remember whether you said anything about moisturizing afterwards, but that's probably still needed. Also check to see if you...
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    Aloe vera juice

    I use 100* aloe extract dissolved in water in my soaps and lotions. That or aloe juice go in the water phase of lotion making and as such you don't sub it for any oil. I recently made a super thick lotion with fresh aloe juice from my own little plant and used the max recommended level of...
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    Recipe review request: vegan soap

    That much Shea would make the soap soft and also inhibit lather. I would bring it down to 10, and add to palm oil and olive oil. Sugar helps with bubbles but even that is not enough when you have that much Shea. That recipe even with SL would be too soft to cut on day 2. Some kind of chelation...
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    Happy Australia Day

    Happy Australia Day
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    Soapmaking book in Prime Reading

    This book is in fact free to rent for prime members, I have it in my kindle.
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    Local sources for bentonite clay

    I looked up for the full ingredient list, which I didn't find but I found pictures, and it's not the fine powder that we use in soaps and face masks. But you can buy the pure one for almost similar price on Amazon. I also read there are different kinds of bentonite and what we use is the calcium...
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    Sandalwood FO?

    I used one from Oregon Trail Soaps, it has similarities to real sandalwood but smells very artificial, no sweetness to it. I would agree with DD abou the scent description of the real thing. It doesn't smell like dirt at all. FWIW, bulk natural oils a.k.a jedwards has an FO it claims to be an...
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    Big box of melt and pour

    A knife may be? I have no experience with M&P but knife is what I use for cocoa butter. I push it in a little and try to pry off a chunk. Works very well for me.