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    Better Hunters Soap.

    My hubby uses Dead Down Wind laundry detergent to wash all his hunting clothes but doesn't like the body products at all. I make soap for him using EO's of plants native to our area and where he hunts so sage, juniper, pine etc. Or he uses unscented when the mood strikes or is in unfamiliar...
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    Will this work for sensitive skin?

    Ahhh.... That's the difference! I thought I was putting something in wrong! Good catch MB. :)
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    SMF October 2019 Challenge - Mini Drops Swirl

    HUGE congrats to @bookreader451 , @mommycarlson , @Karmic & @Michele50 ! Everyone did a fantastic job!
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    Will this work for sensitive skin?

    Hmmm.... When I put the recipe into SoapCalc the linoleic is at 15, linolenic is at 1. But I don't have a problem with DOS. I do add tetrasodium EDTA to my soft oils though when I open the bottles. I don't think I've had any bars hang around longer than a year either as their used up quickly...
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    Will this work for sensitive skin?

    I think your recipe looks great and you should give it a go! But in case it's still a bit too cleansing for people with overly sensitive skin, I have a recipe I've been using for several years that's worked out very well for everyone in my world who can't tolerate any CO or PO. I may have gotten...
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    For my Angel Nieces

    Your story is so beautiful and hits too close to home as our family has suffered similar losses recently. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Hello all.

    Hi Dumfrey and welcome! Silver Fox tutorial is great. He's a member here(@LBussy) and will happily answer any questions you have about it as he's done with me. I'm glad you found your way here!
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    Hello everybody

    Hi Boris! I'm happy you're here!
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    Hi Stephen and welcome! I'm sorry but I don't know any Hungarian so can't welcome you in your native tongue (like @KiwiMoose!). But I'm glad you're here regardless of any language barriers!
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    Whatcha makin for Christmas?

    I have to have all my Christmas soaps done by end of July since my 1st holiday show is mid Sept, but I make enough to last through Dec. I add lotions, foot scrub, wax melts, lips balms, etc for family members. I'm now thinking of hearts and flowers for Valentine's Day!
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    SMF October 2019 Challenge - Mini Drops Swirl

    Just like @Arimara, if it's not one thing, it's 12 more. I kept trying to get it done but it never happened so I have to apologize to @dibbles for flaking out! I voted but it was a tough one! Everyone did such a great job and the color combos were striking. No matter who ends up in the top...
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    Is homemade laundry soap really a good idea?

    Now that makes complete sense! In an area like NYC most things are more precious and costly. If you have to make a trek to the laundry mat you're certainly better off using what you know will work. I don't fancy using test soap in the kitchen sink to see if the whites are dingy and I'm sure...
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    So glad I found you all!

    Hi Spryng and welcome! Other soap makers I know who use their own goat milk praise the outcome so I hope yours is the same! Milk soap can be a bit tricky for a newbie so I suggest starting with a recipe that doesn't use milk just to get the feel of soap making. I wish you all the best in your...
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    Newbie Here

    Hi bubbletea and welcome!:)
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    Is homemade laundry soap really a good idea?

    HOLY SMOKES ARIMARA! Really? $1000 per month for water? I can certainly understand your hesitation with water bills like that. My water costs approximately $40 per month, I'm on city water, use my own laundry soap, and have no problems with smell, residual soap or dingy clothing. Granted, we...