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    Spring green soap, made from recycled cooking oil

    i have used Chlorella powder and gotten the same look. i love the specled green colors it gives. lovely soap. :)
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    What's the Deal with Salt Soap?

    y'all have put me in the mood to make some salt soaps now....
  3. K

    MsBliss needs a little more education!!!

    thanks! i sent her one today. :)
  4. K

    Olive Oil soap and the reason

    yes Hazel!! thank you! i knew it would have a super simple title tht would not come to my brain when i was searching :oops:
  5. K

    Olive Oil soap and the reason

    it is slimy... there was a post a while back about that that explained it very well. i have searched but cant find it and cn't remember who posted it... anyone remember? TIA!! :D
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    MsBliss needs a little more education!!!

    i *knew* i had seen those soaps before! i was sure that you were a member here. :) i love your stamp ! who did you have do it? i have been looking at bebe but still havent decided
  7. K

    crumbly texture [pic included]

    how long did you wait to cut it? you sould cut it withing a few days... unless it is not gelled or you did a huge water discount. i am not sure why your soap only was crumbly at the bottom but i wanted tosay your swirls are gorgeous. :)
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    My groovy patchouli

    i really like the way they turned out! i love loking at soap pics too so keep them coming :)
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    Cosmetic procedures

    yes breast augmentaion. i am open for questions too if anyone has any, lol.
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    Whats Happend To My Olive Oil Soap Recipe ?

    a pic would help but if you didnt add any color to it and the swirls are faint, i would guess that maybe you didnt quite get all the edges of the oil blended, then when you scraped out the bowl, the edges were mixed in causing a swirl. i have had this happen before with a lavender colored...
  11. K having a sample sale!!!

    make sure you check online as many but not all of them are soap safe. :)
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    Cosmetic procedures

    i have had a BA, it has been about 6 years now. i paid almost $4000 for it.
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    Closing shop - transferring/selling recipes?

    lol!! i wish i could help... do you maybe know another soaper in you area that could work something out with you?
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    Thinking of a Soap Garage

    i was going to ask my builder to make me something like this, i think it is a great idea to use that basement insulation. :)
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    Sell me on Day Star!

    i have loved nearly every scent i have bought from them. had good service and will continue to order from them very regularly. :)