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    Can you use Mica powder to temporarily color hair? how to apply it?

    Hair chalks work by wetting a strand of hair then rubbing on the chalk. Mica might work if you wet strands then use a Brush like BattleGnome suggested to cover the wet strand
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    SAP for Vitamin e-oil?

    I was making soap 2 days ago and accidentally useded vitamin e oil to mix with my micas. I meant to add sweet almond, but the bottles looked similar and I didn't realize the vitamin e-oil was even in my soap room. After adding 2 TBS I realized my "sweet almond" oil was much thicker than usual...
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    How quickly did you start

    I bought the first box of melt and pour I ever saw at Michael's and loved it. Put down the hobby for a few years until I saw Safia Nygaard's video where she made a kit from Brambleberry. I watched a dozen BB YouTube vids and ordered a kit within a few days. I've been hooked since
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    The word association game

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    FS: Getting out. Letting it all go CHEAP

    OH! Thank you, I was looking at the wrong area. In that case I am interested in seeing FOs and colorants :)
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    FS: Getting out. Letting it all go CHEAP

    Edit: I just realized this post is from 2016
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    Let's tell a story....

    care what you
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    Let's tell a story....

    They will probably
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    Using perfume to fragrance CP

    Just finished a small batch. At the end I scrapped the bowl into a tiny mold I keep for excess. 0.6 oz batter, I sprayed in .03 oz VS Love Spell body spray. Let's see what happens.
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    Using perfume to fragrance CP

    Has anyone ever tried using perfume as a fragrance for CP soaps? Does it work?
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    South Korea has been picking up a lot of the importing slack while China's ports have been shut down. Live coronavirus was just found in a shipping container in a South Korean port. I got this information from a friend who trade stocks as his sole source of income. With the information of the...
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    Everyone will be affected. If not by the illness itself, by the economic depression this is causing. China manufactures products for the rest of the world. The month long production shut down has already put them in an economic depression and the rest of the global economy is following quickly...
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    SMF February 2020 Challenge (Ione Swirl) - entry thread

    Has anyone got their link yet?
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    SMF February 2020 Challenge (Ione Swirl) - entry thread

    Edit: double post sorry
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    Just a Little Bit Excited

    Is that the soap cutter from BodyRushSkinTherapy on Etsy? If so I have the same one and I love it! Congrats on all your goodies :)