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    Was going for interior gold accents....

    Just the right amount of gold.
  2. Koric

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Made some foaming liquid soap today. I found a frozen bag of soap paste I stuck in a freeze two years ago before we moved. I think they turned out good for being forgotten about.
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    Humidity and CP Soap

    If you're using a dehumidifer what is the target % you're looking for? Or are you just aiming to stop or cut back in the sweating? My workshop is in my basement so it's usually cool down there so humidity usually a problem. I usually use them when I make the bath bombs or salt bars, but can't...
  4. Koric

    A year on

    Why no Lavender? I have my first batch curing for about 6 months now. I left it unscented but I was going to use Lavender EO on it. It's a test of the type of soap more then anything else.
  5. Koric

    Rushed! Makeshift "booth"

    Good luck Lenarenee!
  6. Koric

    Dragon's Blood

    I'm interested in some too. I'd like to get a more consistent scent in my finished soap.
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    Fishy smelling soap

    Mine was reversed, I used Sea Kelp (think that was the name) FO from RE. Smelled great in the bottle, but then I confused teaspoons and tablespoons when I added the powdered kelp... My wife was ready to move me and the soap into the garage. The whole house smelled like a fish market for almost...
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    So what causes/contributes to 'draggy' soap?

    I get this with the first use of most of my soaps. But it quickly fades with use and never seems to come back.
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    Scent transfer

    I've had scent transfer from my peppermint soap to soap right next to it on the curing rack. I figured the scent couldn't have gotten to far in the other bars. I put them in a zip lock bag for 2 or 3 days and they we all good to go. I've noticed it with other soap but no to the degree of the...
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    Well done Dibbles!!

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    PSA: New Soaper's Choice shipping prices

    This is good news. I was just getting ready to place a good sized order with them when I saw this thread. It's great when you can get an answer from someone that quick.
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    Shrink wrap and labels

    Thanks Carolyn. I'll definitely try the glossy paper.
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    Shrink wrap and labels

    Ok, I have a question for the shrink wrappers. I had two batches that have been curing for 6 to 8 weeks. So I figured why not give shrink wrapping a try. I printed up some labels, bought some shrink wrap and away I went. I wrapped the label around the soap and put the shrink wrap over the...
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    Green mica turned brown

    Lily Pad Green Mica from WSP turned a very nice light tan. It looks like I didn't even use any of it.
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    Simple Liquid Soap Recipe

    Susie what does the Sodium Lactate do in LS? You use the PS 80 keep the EO from separating, right? Got to keep the liquid and the bar soap straight in my head.