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    Nobody wants to try shampoo bars unless they're free...

    I the flyer that goes with my shampoo soap, I have listed that it IS a Lye based soap, and how to transition to a bar from commercial shampoos. I sell "Tastes" for a dollar each. I usually have batter left over, so I have a candy mold to make these up. One lady didn't believe that ZNSC was as...
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    Nobody wants to try shampoo bars unless they're free...

    As an aside, I use homemade shampoo that is made with lye. My whole family uses it, no problems with hair damage.
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    Nobody wants to try shampoo bars unless they're free...

    My hair it past my butt, I made my shampoo bar with this in mind. As to how you use it with long hair - I wet my head, hair going down my back. I rub the bar in the direction of my hair growth, from forehead to nape. I rub my scalp to suds up, rinse and re-apply to the ends and suds it up. I...
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    Conditioning bar needed

    You can put some plastic canvas under it, but I just leave the lid off for a few hours.
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    Conditioning bar needed

    My hair conditioning bar only has 4 ingredients. BTM 25, Cetyl alcohol, Coco butter, and a nourishing oil of my choice. I do add in a fragrance oil, but use it sparingly. Edit to add: I don't use any chemicals I can avoid - as we have freaky sensitive skin at our house. My bars are 3.3g on...
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    Curing Rack-

    What a wonderful gift! You will have to keep us posted on how much soap can be "in cure" with it! BTW, does Hubby have the plans he can share?
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    Waxes for lotion bars

    Well that settles that! I don't know ant Vegans, many Vegetarians, though.
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    Waxes for lotion bars

    Oh, well the Vegans at the last show I was at called it vegan. I think because the bees are not killed for their wax.
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    Waxes for lotion bars

    You can purchase CO that has a 93 degree melt zone. Mine is a 76 degree and it holds up to our summers in PA. All had fats gives the bar a nice solid feel, and holding in your hands will cause a slight melt so you can spread the product around. Mine has been used, unscented, for week old...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Try paste food coloring. This is used to color icing and it can become an intense color with just a dab of it.
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    Ideas to get rid of excess soap in a hurry?

    Here the outside kitchen is called a Summer Kitchen. Pottsgrove Manor, in Pottstown, PA has a summer kitchen and they use it in the Historical re-enacting they do for open house and tours. Yes, soap was made there so the potash fumes would not circulate in the main house.
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    Waxes for lotion bars

    I use Cocoa Butter {dissented}, Bees Wax, and ethically sourced Palm oil for my Vegan Lotion Bars. the PO is a bit high in price, but I know the area it comes from. It is the same place I get Palm Nuts for my Macaw.
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    Post your happy

    NICE trade!
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    Wow! I sold mine for $7.00 per bar for the fancy ones and $5.00 per plain old blocks. I do sell "tastes" of my soap. when I have extra from what the mold will hold, I pour the excess into candy molds, those went for $1.00.
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    Thread titles and my very strange mind.

    How do various soaps taste? Well, I will have to see what Julia Child wrote about this ingredient in a dish. Off to my recipe books!