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    Anyone in Georgia?

    I'm in the Atlanta area, and I'll order from Soap Goods a lot. Their selection varies, but they've improved a lot since I found them a year ago and have added more to their inventory. They don't have a retail store, but you can pick up your order and save some money. Their office isn't in...
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    Is It Always Nearly Impossible To Buy Lye?

    That's the only place I've been able to find it as well. $3.99 for 1 pound, not bad for a local store.
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    Nip/Tuck Premiere

    I LOVE Nip/Tuck!! I've watched it since the first episode. And I agree, it was better when they were in Miami. I've had a hard time getting used to them being in LA. A funny story about this show...Not long after I met my husband's parents when we were dating, we were all over at his house...
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    What is with the drama????

    I can honestly say that I haven't noticed ANY drama here! :D Perhaps I'm missing those threads or not browsing the right forums, but I'm here to learn about soap. If I wanted drama, then I could just watch soaps on tv. (HAHAHA!! :lol: :lol: :lol: I crack myself up!)
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    First batch question...

    You can find some essential oils at your local crafts store. They don't have much of a selection, maybe 3 or 4 EOs. You'll probably find more FOs there, but still not a lot.
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    How do I make a whiter soap?

    My very first batch was with lard, and yes, it's very white. But I know people can feel a little grossed out when they see 'lard' on the label, so I wanted an all-veggie oil recipe, so I use palm instead. I haven't made an unscented batch yet, but I suppose that would be very helpful! As...
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    How do I make a whiter soap?

    I just realized that I have a sample of TD from a sample pack of colors that I purchased from BB a couple of weeks ago, so I'm going to give it a try tonight! After reading other experiences, it seems like it does work best when added to the oils. Some people do add at light trace, but it...
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    How do I make a whiter soap?

    I am using different kinds of FOs. I know anything with vanilla in it will add a more brown color to the soap. The last one I used was "Wedding Day" from WSP. The FO was clear, contained no vanilla, but the soap still had a yellow/creamy color in it. The olive oil I'm using is just a basic...
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    How do I make a whiter soap?

    Thank you so much! I looked this up on WSP, and a customer commented that they added it with the oils and not at trace. Is that a good time to add it?
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    How do I make a whiter soap?

    I've made several batches now using a basic Palm, Coconut and Olive oil recipe, and they have all turned out to be a creamy color. I definitely don't have a problem with the creamy color, but I want to make a white batch of soap so that a swirled color will stand out more. Can I just use...
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    can I use mica's? Oxides?

    The liquid colors will most likely bleed in m&p soaps. In my experience, micas and oxides won't bleed, but the Michael's by me doesn't carry any - I have to order them online.
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    Made my second batch tonight - not looking good!!

    I'm hoping it turns out as well!! The recipe was a little larger than I had planned - I'm wondering if anyone has found a good way to resize recipes? I would rather just use the silicone mold so that way all of my soaps come out looking the same. I got the mold on Ebay for $40. I really...
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    Made my second batch tonight - not looking good!!

    Here's what I've got this morning I poured into 2 different molds. The first one is a silicone mold with a clear lid. The other is a cardboard box, and you can see the top of the soap much better. I didn't peek at that one last night, since I could check the first one without taking the lid...
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    Made my second batch tonight - not looking good!!

    I poured it in the mold about 2 1/2 hours ago. I lifted the towel to take a peek (clear lid on top) and there is a bunch of oil pooling on the top and the mold feels much warmer than when I poured. The only thing I did differently between this batch and the first batch I did a couple of...
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    Maple Swirl

    Beautiful! They look good enough to eat!