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    Advice on Criticism

    This is pretty much why I have severely cut down on posting especially to new people. Sometimes I can't help myself, but I am really trying to get better about just not saying anything.
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    I made this soap stamp

    For most printers you can use to design a 3d model. Then you have to use a slicer program to turn the 3d model into gcode that the printer can use. Slic3r or Cura are 2 freeware programs. You then just have to load the gcode to the printer which the library will...
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    Making EO Blends; Wholesaler for EO?

    Yes there are. For anything under a 100 grams I would use a jewelers scale with as high of a precision as you can afford. I don't make stuff like this, but I would just give your eo blend a good mix before portioning out
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    Making EO Blends; Wholesaler for EO?

    Um, a scale? It depends on how big of a batch you want to make. Small batches might need a jewelers scale, that weights to the .01 g That is why you should use a pipette or a pouring rod. But if he is making...
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    Making EO Blends; Wholesaler for EO?

    You should not be going by drops, but by weight. Drops are not at all accurate - some are bigger than the other, its easy to accidentally get an extra drop or 2, and as you have discovered - it is very difficult to scale up. So I would calculate the % of each EO in your final blend and then...
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    What soapy mistake have you made today?

    What is your lye concentration?
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    First Ever Batch - What's the white layer?

    This is not a 100% foolproof method for preventing ash. Several people on the forum, myself included have had this not work.
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    Lard V no Lard

    Great Value, it is the in house brand for Wal Mart.
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    Stearic Streaks or Soda Ash?

    If it is ash it will wipe off with a damp paper towel.
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    stronger scented soap

    How big were your batches, and how much EO blend did you add, and what is the blend's ratios?
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    Asking for ideas for a bold swirl technique

    Well I do not know what you consider medium. I would want it about like honey at room temp. The higher you pour from the more break thru you get
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    Citrus/Hibuscus Tea Soap

    Don't be surprised if you get a little odd discoloration around the leaves. Organic matter in soap usually does not deal well with the high pH environment and will turn an unpleasant brown.
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    Citrus/Hibuscus Tea Soap

    That is not a high amount of stearic acid. The risk is that you usually have to hot process using pure SA, it requires a much higher temp to stay melted, and almost instantly saponifies so can cause strange spots in the soap. Your bees wax is about 4% - which many think is high, mostly for...
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    Asking for ideas for a bold swirl technique

    No, that is a drop swirl in a loaf. Looks like it was a bit thicker so as to not cause alot of fall thru
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    thin lotion

    Guys, we need to calm down - this is a new person - and they might not be sitting online waiting to receive our collected wisdom. Give them 24 hours or so to respond again.