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    coconut milk question

    I thought that coconut milk add to the later of a bar, rather than a scent. That was my understanding.
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    Soapmaker Program

    Thank you for all your replys. Barb, you sound so organized, makes me envious! as I want to get hold of organization also. This program seems like it definitely would help in that aspect. Woodi, my admiration goes out to you and your hubby for creating something that is needed in theis field...
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    Soapmaker Program

    Yes, Thank you Ian, but I guess for the amount of money they want, I wanted to know if it also included other things like liquid soap & lotion formulas, besides bar soap. After taking the tutorial, honestly it doesnt really tell me.
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    Soapmaker Program

    Hi all, I haven't posted in such a long time, but have been distracted in other things. I apologize, but I'm still here in both mind & body lol!! I do have a quick question for someone who uses the soapmaker program. I'm pondering the purchase. Can this be used for other things besides bar...
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    My first batch since Christmas

    Play around a little more with soapcalc. Try and get your iodine lower - good level is 41-70, a little high, may produce dos. JMHO Get your INS value close to 160, but 135 is a good nbr. Good conditions nbr. Kat
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    Oils & Butters

    Oil properties I just wanted to say, learning the properties of oils is just fascinating. I have so many soap calc recipes on my desk, its just stupid. Good stupid really, for comparing soap recipes. I swear this soap calc has become my new best friend. It is so interesting!! :lol: I...
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    Oils & Butters

    Thats the one!!! Thats the one!!!! Dang I had a brain drain there... Thanks so much Tab!
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    Oils & Butters

    What website/guy "Mike", who sells really good butters & oils? know him...I need to look on his website, be damned if I can think of his company :shock: Mike from......Its just not coming into my mind!!! Thanks for your help, Kat
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    Book Smart soapmaking

    The BEST Soap Book The Everything Soapmaking Book (2nd edition) by Alicia Grosso. It touches on all aspects of soaping. Truly truly the 1st and only book (soap bible) I would recommend for a new soapmaker. From equipment to techniques & ingredients to common soapmaking herbs, color, etc...
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    Everyone give Paul a hug!

    Glad you are in one piece Who knew!!! these things happen soooo fast! Paul, glad you and wifey are in one piece! Man that is very scary. Hate to have anything happen to someone, anyone from this site. Just makes you think, life is precious, just take your time to fix everything that can be...
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    help needed calculating please...

    What a wonderful site to look at, thank you Faithy for sharing. Kat
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    first soap made in my TOG mold

    That soap looks Sooooo GOOD! I cant wait until mine arrives....How many lbs did you make for this one? I'm curious, 'cause I'm getting this mold too. Kat
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    Flax Seed Question

    You can use flax seed for heating pads. Buy some fabric and cut out either square or a shape like a "C" for a neck roll. You pop these in a microwave for 1-2 mins. Flax seed holds the "moist heat" for quite a while. And instead of heating pads, pop them into a freezer for cold packs. Kat
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    Just bot a TOG Soap Mold

    Hey Paul,,,,Just bot a TOG Soap Mold.....Gotta get in before the Price increase from UPS....Just wanted to let ya know :D Been looking at it for a while, and searching ebay for a comparison, and NOTHING compares. I wanted to BUY from you anyway, but I JUST had to do a "compare" for the heck of...
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    safflower oil and caster

    You can purchase Safflower oil with all the other oils in your grocery store. Castor oil can be purchased at the drug store, in the laxative area. Kat