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    Making shampoo & conditioners

    It does not, as soap will always be an alkaline.
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    Oil Cavities

    The picture linked was of a 100% Coconut Oil soap, so the heat was most likely quite high. But I still can't figure out why it would separate like that into an oily cavity.
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    Oil Cavities

    I'm seeing these oil cavities online more and more lately. Is there a more technical term for them other the Oil Cavities? And what is causing them? Localized separation, internal heat/pressure, or something different entirely...
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    Oil beads forming o top of soap

    Could it be your fragrance oil? If so give it a few day to reabsorb.
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    "Report" box?

    Interesting. Truthfully, I never really noticed it either.
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    What are your best practices for preventing soda ash?

    I eliminated mine by using 2% Beeswax, forcing gel, and by using a tighter water:lye ratio. Haven't had any soda ash is over a hundred batches.
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    Is this partial gel?

    That is partial gel, yes. Not to worry though, as it's purely cosmetic.
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    how to make specific soap

    Here's a chicken fragrance...
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    ISO authentic and natural smelling FOs

    Brambleberry's Applejack Fragrance, English Rose Fragrance, Lilac Fragrance, and Baby Powder Fragrance are all very convincing.
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    The word association game

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    Small bubble issues in CP soap

    Was the Strawberry Fragrance Oil Cold Process stable?
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    Help with liquid soap

    That's not making soap. It's just watering down already made soap. If you want to make liquid soap you'll have to use Potassium Hydroxide.
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    How to make a red colorant?

    I like Really Red Mica as well.
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    Hey guys! I was always told that you couldn't get pretty swirls in melt and pour..

    I've heard the same, original poster. Not sure why people think you can't swirl with Melt and Pour. A quick google search yields quite a few hits.