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    The word association game

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    Less olive oil?

    You may find Rice Bran Oil to be a nice substitute for Olive Oil as far as properties go.
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    The word association game

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    Melt and Pour Colours

    I like color blocks for Melt and Pour.
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    Procion dyes

    If it's not designed for use in Cold Process the color could morph. I had a beautiful purple morph into a puke green when I accidently used the wrong mica.
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    hi all!

    Greetings and welcome to the addiction. :)
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    petitegrain EO vs bergamot EO

    I like Lemongrass myself.
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    How can you avoid inhaling Lye fumes?

    I use an ice bath to keep the temperatures down.
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    Making shampoo & conditioners

    It does not, as soap will always be an alkaline.
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    Oil Cavities

    The picture linked was of a 100% Coconut Oil soap, so the heat was most likely quite high. But I still can't figure out why it would separate like that into an oily cavity.
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    Oil Cavities

    I'm seeing these oil cavities online more and more lately. Is there a more technical term for them other the Oil Cavities? And what is causing them? Localized separation, internal heat/pressure, or something different entirely...
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    Oil beads forming o top of soap

    Could it be your fragrance oil? If so give it a few day to reabsorb.
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    "Report" box?

    Interesting. Truthfully, I never really noticed it either.
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    What are your best practices for preventing soda ash?

    I eliminated mine by using 2% Beeswax, forcing gel, and by using a tighter water:lye ratio. Haven't had any soda ash is over a hundred batches.